Pizza man down.

When I worked for Perfect Pizza in the early 90’s the ‘training’ consisted of being followed by the boss for half an hour round the block. Since I managed to stay on the bike I got the job. The bikes were in a shocking state- they basically admitted they did no maintenance on them other than crash repairs- and it showed. The tyres were particularly dreadful. I had been riding for a couple of years so I was reasonably okay but I still managed to drop it a few times on wet nights with a full top box (the shittiest nights were always busiest as people didn’t want to leave their houses). In fact when I think about it the only perk to the job was the very rare occasions (certainly in my case) when you got invited in by the customer :wink: Another perk for some of the other riders was that they could combine it with their other ‘hobby’ and apparently often delivered class 'c’s along with the pizzas (although this did come to a halt after a police raid and helicopter chase one memorable evening). So if this pizza boy who crashed his bike had a similar experience his mind was quite possibly somewhere else entirely…:satisfied:

Being a pizza boy is the best job ever man.

I’ve had my fair share of offs, indeed, by usually someone else’s fault.

Anyway, back to the point.

I think a lot of the dangerous driving is because people just dont understand the english “road culture”, and think it’s perfectly acceptable to do things like this:

and thus end up killing themselves. That coupled with the mentality that they dont need good protective gear because they don’t think they’re gonna crash. I must be the only pizza boy wearing leather trousers, a £200 helmet, and a pair of SIDI’s! The others will just use anything.

Saying that, Papa Johns Leatherhead are quite good, when a new driver joins my manager will order them a protective coat, a brand new helmet, and some waterproof trousers, because under the health and safety act it’s illegal not to provide “adequate safety equipment” for jobs asked to do…

I think a lot of people get carried away with being the fastest pizza boy too…

I was always be the fastest in Surrey, but a lot of young indians and pakistanis attempt to challenge this daily… :smiley: :smiley:

and what’s all this about, from CHiPs youtubey linky …

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