Picking up my K8 Stealth 750 Friday Afternoon

After my limited edition grey and silver K7 750 was lifted outside my work back in June. I have finally ordered and will be picking up the new phantomgixer later today!

Can’t fecking wait to get back up to 750 cc again as I have been thrashing my poor 125 vespa around London. (which has been alot of fun anyway)

So roll on the weekend. Bring out the sunshine as summer has now arrived… yahhooooooo!!! :w00t:

I have to wait for the dual exit yoshi can so I will have to stick with the wales **** for a short time.

I’ll post some pics as soon as I have the bike in my hands…


By the way that’s not me in the photo…:cool:

Which if any rim tape would you put on the stealth gixer.
I have all of these sitting in my house ready to apply or not…

Reflective Red (like the K7 ‘R’) glows orange/red
Reflective Silver (like the K8 ‘R’) glows white
Florescent Red (like the K4-5 ‘R’ I think)
Nothing just keep it black (like stock):smiley:


I like the silver/grey tape in the second photo, seems to go with the gsxR.

Still black :P:D

That black gixer 750 is theee best. Awesome bike fella. :slight_smile:

Ha ha good one.

Thanks mate…

The thou is a bit too much and the 600 a little to revvy but the 750 is spot on! I wish all the other manerfacturers made race rep 750s as well!

That’s a niiiice bike.

I quite like the silver tape, too. It’s a bit too stealthy otherwise!

hope chunky monkey doesn`t see theis thread… :P:D:D

i`d go with the silver one

I aint saying a word Kev;):smiley:

Why? Is he gonna go ape on another which rim tape thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want and exhaust like that one on my k8 750 where can i get one

Woah, that is a lovely looking bike!! I bet you’ll be grinning when you pick it up!! :cool::smiley:

Very, very nice bike mate :slight_smile: I hope you’ve taken the appropriate steps to secure it this time.

Very good looking bike and I think probably exactly wat I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Very nice - for god’s sake don’t park it in Southwark :slight_smile:


the k6 is my favorite shape

Nice bike!!!

where did you have your K7 lifted from?, as i had one taken in june aswell

It was at my work near Southwark Station. SE1 8HP

The van that took mine also took another bike on the same cloned plates…

just round the corner from where mine was taken,

white transit van, 3 young blokes lifted it, have heard from the police that they got the driver and he is now doing 3 months inside did not recovermy bike though:angry: