Picking up my K8 Stealth 750 Friday Afternoon

Really??? Wow! thats great to hear that they caught the fecker! Do you have any idea of the vans reg. the one that lifted mine was EJ56 XFD. Mine was a white transit pretty new, and there were 3-4 youngish guys.

the van details sound the same i was told that the first letter of the van was an ‘E’ but thats all the police told me

but i have got a dodgy cd showing the cctv and if i can figure out how i will post it

well it could well be. I watched the CCTV from my work but as there is a work person in the video they chose not to give me the cd of what happened.
I can’t call him a colleague as he stood next to the thieves having a fag only a couple of metres away oblivious to the alarm going off and 3 guys hiking my bike into the van…

Post it in the video section. I think you will have to post it on youtube or something and then just add the link http/blah blah.

Would be painful but interesting to see…

ok youtube here i come

watch this space for the link

Im waiting!!!

hi ,glad you are getting another bike , lock your new baby up at work and dont forget to ,preferably lock it to something .

i keep telling the others at my work to lock their ones up but they dont . one day they will be sorry . i think its good practise to lock it where ever you are .:smiley:

silver tape would look good , i got some yellow but its not made it out of the packet yet :slight_smile:

have fun on your new toy :smiley:

cant get it to upload,

anyone got a copy of computers for dummies!!!

I belive you have to be logged into youtube (have an account) then see the orange box top right that says ‘upload’ press that and fill in the details and press the ‘upload a video’ button at the bottom, press ‘choose file’ and search your hard drive for the video. Watch it upload and hey presto! You have a video on youtube.

Do it all again so you have something good to watch not the nasty scum… :P:D;)