Petition against ULEZ expansion - please sign

Please sign this petition to stop Sadiq Khan expanding ULEZ to all London boroughs

My understanding on this one, is they have already shown 70+ % of the people don’t want this and he is still going ahead anyway.

I’ll sign but I’m not holding my breathe. I’m just waiting for the one where he starts charging people outside of London to commute in! When that happens I will seriously consider my options on continuing to work in London

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Keep London for Londoners!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m in, cheeky feck Kahn sort out you’re pay roll

I’m butt-hurt over this because the original ULEZ forced me to part-ex my beloved 748, and then to rub salt in the wound I only discovered too late that single vehicle testing would be allowed - and it would probably have passed.

Consultations are not votes. Khan was re-elected on a clear manifesto to do this, he has the mandate and indeed if he didn’t do it we would be accusing him of making hollow politician’s promises.

The consultation existed to hear what mitigations could be done. What has emerged from it is the policy of diverting all income from it towards buses, and the implementation of a scrappage scheme.

70% might be against it now but as someone who lives within the original ULEZ area (and someone who suffered the cost of changing vehicles) I can tell you it is great. We can really see and breathe the difference.

9,400 Londoners die of air pollution every year, motor engines are guilty of over half of that. The ULEZ might be an inconvenience but thousands of lives are more important.


To be honest, I’m neither for or against this, if it happens I will not be gluing myself to any roads or bridges.

I totally get the reasons for it, but at a time when every income in London is stretched is now the right time. We’re talking the outer suburbs here as well now, so people who live just outside the proposed ULEZ but will now work just in probably won’t have compliant cars.

And when you’re that far out, public transport is an issue.


this might be LondonBikers but why oh why ride in a city that wants to tax you to leave your house if you don’t walk cycle or take a bus/

From next summer I’ll have two bikes I can’t take out of the garage.

Signed. :crossed_fingers:

Signed and without getting too far into the politics of it all, what does our wonderful Mayor suggest my in-laws do now they have to sell their perfectly useable car and as pensioners cannot afford a newer one and due to health issues cannot walk to the nearest bus stop.


He probably thinks they should move out of London to a cheaper area, (losing any friends and support network they have) then use money they save to buy a new car. The thing is if they move out they can keep the car they already have.


buy an older car that is ULEZ compliant?

Petrol cars from 2005 onwards are ULEZ compliant, and start at about £500 used.
They can even get £2k for their non-ulez car on the scrappage scheme

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I am 100% against ULEZ, Dart Charge and any other scheme that has the effect of putting a toll charge on public roads, bridges or tunnels. The clue is in the name PUBLIC.

I think the authorities mostly ignore folk whinging on about the cost of replacing their non-complaint vehicles because they over exaggerate. For example what is the point in costing the replacement of a 20 year old vehicle with a new vehicle?

Motor vehicles do not last forever, cut your cloth…

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Public doesn’t always mean free though. You can’t just park wherever you want for free on the street in London because it would be chaos, charging presumably makes people consider alternatives and reduces demand.

Other than charging to drive a polluting vehicle, how would you reduce pollution levels caused by motor vehicles in London?


Stop replacing perfectly good office blocks with new ones. I hear a lot of talk about the environmental impact of commuter vehicles and buses but very little about the number of trucks that go in and out every day.


Construction sites do seem to have a lot of pollution responsibility Building works responsible for 18% of UK large particle pollution | Pollution | The Guardian and I usually just see a new version of what was already there.

Trucks have to follow the lez, and have had these emission regs for years before cars and motorbikes.

And why not reduce both car use and new buildings?
A shift to WFH could help both of these too

Generators don’t have any emissions regs. The ones that were on the sites by Whitechapel High Street threw out more diesel smoke than a Texan tractor pull championship.

It appears there are some, but I don’t have the time at the moment to read our understand them