Perhaps there should be a change of name to this website

London “Bikers”???

Went for a stroll today up to the shops. Pleasant day - probably the nicest of the year.

Saw lots of bikes being ridden - all nice and shiny - not a spec of dirt on their dust caps.

How about: The London (Fairweather) Motorcycle Club? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ain’t in London and ain’t got clean shiny bike…but it don’t matter as its NOT a club its a forum

you should have come and taken a look at mine and gavin’s bike… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Weeellll if you was having a stroll you was also doing it wrong . I was atleast on a bike today … not a motobike, but it did have 2 wheels and was filthy :smiley:

my filthy bikes were busy being washed today, rather than ridden.

there`s nowt wrong with a clean bike!


Are you a dirty-bike snob or a clean-bike snob...? (or maybe a bikers-who-live-in-London-are-pansys reverse-snob ???) Remember everyone is unique and individual - even you! :hehe::P

Well a good few London Bikers weren’t in London today or yesterday - plenty of bikes got dirty.

i use my bike daily to commute with and on the rideouts when i go on them. its very filthy. i try to wash it every two weeks though best i can

Dirt is what holds my bike together!

A dirty bike is a used bike

A clean bike may well have also been used

These ‘fair weather’ bikers still ride bikes don’t they?

And Zip Ties :smiley:

first sunny day of the year, i would have beenout on my bike too if I could, if only to dry out from 130 or so miles i did yesterday in the rain.
fair weather biker my arse, speak for yourself mate. and yes, occaisionally my bike is clean.

I haven’t got any zip ties on my bike… I know somebody who has a bike that passed its MOT because of zip ties though :wink:

Cheeky Monkey!!! You should have seen the state of everyone’s bikes (including mine) after KTM Martins ride yesterday through the Cotswolds to Worcestershire! :w00t: Following my ride to Norfolk today I went to the local bike wash place to clean him up again - road crap/ salt etc eats bikes alive - it’s a very good idea to keep them clean!

And + 1 to ‘at least we were riding our bikes’ rather than walking around making judgements on other people’s.

Right, glad I got that off my chest :slight_smile:

Quite happy to be a “fair weather” rider.

Not sure what is so great about riding around in the wind and the rain, with your view obscured by raindrops on your visor, your hands and feet cold, your bike getting covered in wet salt and your tyres barely providing any grip…

As compared to sitting in a nice air conditioned car, with the wind screen and rear window wipers going, with toasty fingers and toes listening to some terrible music which you put on the stereo system. Arriving wearing the clothes you wanted to wear, wearing the shoes you wanted to wear, with your hair the way you wanted it to look when you left the house without having to carry around a jacket, boots, gloves and a crash helmet all day.

I have done riding in bad weather, I have done the macho look at me I ride all year round ideal.

Don’t see the point.

It is shame that clean bike for you means “fair weather” biker.
I for example like my bike to be clean, up to the point that I cleaned it or swipe it with cloth today between the rides. Is nothing wrong to with clean bike, as well as clean car, clean carpet, clean clothes, clean hands or general hygiene.
Don’t you think?


I too was out in the wet on Saturday, with KTMmartin & the other fellow LB’ers. Came back, hosed the grit & salt off, bit of Scotoil 365/chain lube & ready to use to to commute towork the next day (sunday).
I’ll ride in almost any weather & have had hands so cold, I could barely grip the bars. Yet despite that, every time I go through Hammersmith or anywhere else where the traffic bottlenecks up and I see those poor cagers faces, staring blankly at the queue ahead whilst I filter passed, it makes it all worth while! I’d rather arrive on time cold, than hours late.
Besides, better to practice riding in the rain/wind/fog/muck and know how to handle it than be caught out one sunday and not.

I think it was all round a very odd post. There are just so many things that don’t make sense with it…

It is odd - the only sense I can make out of it is that it’s one of these;

"You ain't a REAL biker unless you...(fill in your prejudice here) "


Points have been

You ain’t a real biker unless…

You have a dirty bikeyou have a squeaky clean bikeyou have a bike worth at least £18kyou have a rat bike CX500,painted in flaking matt blackyou have ridden from London to Indiayou are a track day superstaryou have been riding for 30 yearsyou use your bike everyday because you don’t have a caryou go out in all weathersyou only go out on dry days but keep your average speed above 100mphyou have clocked 160mph plus every weekendyou wear full matching leathersyou wear a black leather jacket,jeans and a pair of engineer bootsyou dress like this…

All of this is beeswank of the first kind - bred by jealousy, envy, bitterness and vanity.

It is also elitist crap and the worse kind of snobbery (or reverse snobbery).

There will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself so comparing yourself to others only makes you vain or bitter.

Finally - Who is anyone to judge who and who is not a biker? (whatever ‘biker’ means) - Has someone here got Ogri’s head wrapped up in a blanket in their bedroom?:D:P

So leave it out please - please leave the judgement of others to the courtroom - or the almighty! :hehe::Whistling::w00t: