People sitting in the fast lane

You sit in the fast lane cos you ’ don’t fancy changing lanes ’ !!??
and you ’ want to point to the speed limit when they flash you ’ !!??
Gaffertape you are without doubt a complete tosser !.

I agree with most of what Gaffer has said, 30 is 30, 40 is 40 and Motorways should be a lot more than they are…80-100mph is a good speed providing the person keeps to the left and only uses the middle and outside lane to overtake.

However, sitting at the speed limit in the outside lane…although you’re right for doing the limit of 40mph and others are wrong for speeding…its up to them to take that risk. By sitting in the outside lane you’re only running the risk of being called a lane hogger…and in my World, all lane hoggers should be rodgered up the botty with a frozen Toblerone! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yeah, but if I don’t, I have to cross a lane doing 30mph more than me. Thats quite dangerous, and I have no run off! So its their risk, but my danger…I don’t care what other people think, I think people who speed in 30-40 zones are tossers.

Speed limits in built up areas are there for a reason. Personally I think you’re the tosser. Ever seen anybody die in a supposed-to-be-low-speed traffic accident? Its not nice.

You don’t quite get the situation; I join the road straight into the fast lane as it merges (ie the road I was on becomes the fast lane - its not a motorway its just a 3 lane road) and 1 mile later this fast lane becomes a turn right only lane, that I need to be in. The other 2 lanes are doing 60-70. I don’t want to speed, so to ‘ride correctly’ I have to cross 2 lanes doing 20-30mph faster than me, then go back again, in 1 mile. Thats insane.

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the fact there is no ‘fast lane’ - any lanes to the right of the first one are really for overtaking. So many times I’ve been on motorways where people are sat in the outside lane even though the other lanes are clear in front of them. In my opinion if people observed proper lane discipline then traffic would flow a lot easier.

I reckon that after the car driving test, a motorway lesson should become compulsory before receiving your licence.

Gaffertape I agree with you fully. That is basically my riding style as well. Speed limits in built up areas are there for a reason, yes, I do go faster occasionally, but 98% of the time it is best to hold to the speed limit. On the motorways I’ll cruise at whatever speed is comfortable in the prevailing conditions and road traffic density. Quite empty roads will see me at faster speeds etc…

there is just no point “racing” in 30mph zones. Plain daft if you ask me.

good luck with that! :w00t::P:D

this doesnt really sound right when put in the context of your recent posts on “I’m a fantatsic rider; all L platers are crap”

sounds to me like you are only respecting speed limits (that you have selected) due to having too many points on your highly experienced licence

you’re a funny gaffer! :smiley:

lane 3 on the M1 between juncs 12 and 8 should be kept clear for my personal use so if your on it please pay attention and get the F*** outta my way, most kind of you :D:D:P

I seem to go up to Yorkshire a lot and always use the A1, where people’s lane discipline is generally good. I do use the overtaking lane almost exclusively, but then I’m usually driving fastest. This doesn’t stop me from checking my mirrors frequently and pulling over if someone wants to pass - it ain’t rocket science.

There are still irritating gits who sit at 60 or trucks that take 5 miles to overtake, you just have to resign yourself to it. What really really bugs me (on motorways) is people in the wrong lane driving far too slow who you find, when you get to pass them, have actually given up the tiresome task of driving for the joys of text messaging. For them, hanging is too good etc.

ouch…like a dagger:hehe:

Errr… there aren’t any ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ lanes… lanes 2 and 3 are for overtaking, nowt else.

Annoys the hell out of me when people just sit in a lane regardless of the traffic (or lack of ) around them.

Going to the IOW last week - M3, there was a guy in a big ole Merc tooling along at about 70 in lane 3.

Nothing at all for miles in lanes 1 and 2.He moved over when I flashed him, but still just sat in lane 2 as if it was beneath him to drive in lane 1.

After we passed him, he moved back out into lane 3 - utter tosser.

Just happened to me this morning, was behind this car and though I play nice and wait, I am there looking at him do 70mph, on left lane I see another car probably doing 69mph so I though screw this I’ll be here for ages, I undertook him and as I went back into the overtaking lane to pass the other car the bloke gives me some flashes… I seriously though what an didiot, after a few good 100 yards he was still next to that car overtaking at 2mph faster. The ones I love most is the drivers that do 68mph and stick to that… which according to my GPS is about 64mph so in reality they are not forcing a 70mph limit but a 64mph.

Mostly you do get people that see you come fast and move, I also do it for faster vehicles, IT IS NOT MY JOB OR ANYONE ELSE TO ENFORCE THE SPEED LIMIT except an officer of the LAW!!! remember that next time… by forcing a speed limit on someone you could cause an accident. Your spedo will never be 100% accurate hence why you will never be able to enfore the right speed on anyone because the legal speed in your vehicle might not be accurate. SO DON’T!

I won’t even mention how I overtake sometimes… it will get me too much flame:) anything I do I will do with regards to others and under control. I will always protect another biker if I am driving. At one roundabout a car from left was going straight for the biker ahead of me so I had to accelerate hard and block its path and protect the biker. Seems they couldn’t give a **** about a black bandit but stopped hard for a bigger object… the bloke looked at me as if I just killed someone, I pointed to the bike and carried on.

Have to agree with Zeph. People who sit in the overtaking lanes who aren’t actually overtaking are driving dangerously. If somebody wants to go faster than you, that’s their choice and the driving theory test tells you you should always move out of the way for vehicles travelling faster than you.

I’m suprised you can’t be bothered to change lanes, how can you be bothered to drive/ride and chage gears, check your mirrors and all the other stuff it involves?? The reason people are speeding in the other lanes is because you are forcing people to undertake you.

Don’t purposefully hold up other people on their joruneys. It’s nothing to wait for a gap, move over to let them pass, then move back to the lane you want to be in.

yeah it gets on my tits people sit in the outside lane doing 25mph in a 50 zone with there face pressed againt the windscreen. people like this should be banned from the road for life, if they have a licence to start with. And as Mark has said its an over taking lane, so overtake then lordy! off into the near side lane, blue lights do the trick they always move over when they come along.

I think I worke the Beast (Gaffer)

I dont want to brake land records i just want to move if ya wanna cruise do it in the slower lane


This has got to be my pet hate, road rage isnt the word, i soo wish i had a gun !!!

Middle and outside lanes are for over taking, this isnt rocket science.
Why are so many people oblivious to this part of the highway code ?

Think ill get me a big set of them bull bars, better still, a Snow plough :slight_smile:

Did any of you critics actually read this post? Do you actually understand what I’m saying? I obviously only do this on one particular road, for about 1 mile, as its a particularly dangerous situation to cross lanes, since at the point my lane joins the other two, they’re doing 20-30 mph faster than me; so HOW DO I JOIN THE ‘SLOW’ LANE WITHOUT SPEEDING UP??? What exactly is wrong with what I do? I don’t sit in the fast lane to slow people down…I sit in it because its dangerous to do anything else.

easy solution to cars sitting in the fast lane…

get LMRR to ride in front of you…

always amazed me how she could get people to move over… something to do with the head and hand gestures I think…