People sitting in the fast lane

Is it me or lately does everyone sit in the fast lane of a duel carrage way making me have to under take them its doing my melons in man.

why wont they :

A) overtake

B) **** off

C) move over

D) Brake the law And speed like everyone else

Sorry not speed Overtake quickly

VERY annoying eh.

Even the polite hint of my lights in their rear view doesn’t work


That does my head in, not so much in the bike but when I’m driving I’m always shouting at them. Road rage, me???

in the car i do fume but just sit back, turn radio 4 up a bit more and boil but on the bike i’m forced to undertake…:wink:

Their too busy talking on the mobile to notice you and the fact they have actually slowed down… Even a friendly “weave” behind them tends to get ignored. Bloody cagers

As for Radio 4… 18.30 for the comedy half hour maybe but otherwise should be left well alone :smiley:

Get an HID dipped beam and accelerate as you approach so it flicks up, mine apparantly looks a bit blue and the general muppet population associate that with a police car or bike so move over despite the fact I’m most definately not plod and the bike is as green as they get . . . the odd one who doesn’t is easily undertaken :w00t:

I age 30 years as soon as i get in my Jag.:pinch:

I dont know if it was my bike being white and blue.

But I was sitting in traffic at Tottenham hale being blocked in when i saw a bloke on his phone not letting me through so I bibbed him and getsured to his phone and he quickly Put It away looking rather scared lol

This is really weird because this week I’ve been up and down the motorways alot, I noticed and commented on it, that more people seemed to be staying left. Yesterday was the first time during the day that I’ve seen the fast lane empty on the M25 and M40…thanks people it gave me open space to keep flowing with the bike :smiley:

I’ve also noticed the big warning/information signs are also telling you to ‘Keep left unless you are over taking’. Seems to me more people are taking notice but there’s no helping the twats on mobiles who potter along without a care in the world to what’s going on around them.

I know what you mean i just left my job being a Jag salesman for the last 5 years…moved to BMW for a change in customer.

this really gets on my nerves too

This is one of my pet hates. You can go from Thurrock to virtually Dagenham in the 1st lane coz every one is in lane 2 and 3.

On the flip side I nearly got killed 2 sundays ago when a female driver pulled into lane 1 where I was, lucky I had a hard shoulder to move into :w00t: she was absolutely oblivious to my presence.

I just generally hate cagers full stop. The majority are totally in “couldn’t give a sheet” mood.

There must have been a new law making the slow lane the fast one

Must have missed it


I hate the ones that look in their mirror, then pull into the side of you, despite your having made sure youre not in their blind spot.

I also hate the ones that wait for you to consider moving to the middle lane and then swerve into the middle lane to stop you.

Then there are the ones the speed up right behind you and just cant wait to over take, then when you pull over, they drive like grannies as you sit behind them.

There are some wierd hybrids - the ones who want to stay in their beloved fast lane but indicate right to let you know that they arent going to move into the middle lane.

Im also intrigued as to the psychological state of those that like to drive between two lanes - greedy or what!?

…see I bet you wish you hadnt got me started now…I could write a book on classifying this lot: numpties, humpty dumpties, pointless giant marshmallow men and amoeba…

Yes, I am waiting for the men in white coats as we speak…just that’s my impression of some drivers - a waste of space and thick as sh*t, causing destruction wherever they go…

aaannnnddd breathe…



I’m on the motorways quite a bit, I drive from Telford (in Shropshire) to Eastbourne (East Sussex) to visit my dad once every month or two, usually stopping to visit a friend in Greenwich. Last Tuesday when I was coming up the M40 on my way home the outside lane was mostly empty, people were actually only using it to overtake, I was very impressed :smiley:

I’ve also noticed that people tend to move over for bikers when they see someone else do it first. Seeing a car move over seems to make more sense to them perhaps and is easier to see aswell I suppose, but I’ve seen enough people purposefully block em in when stuck in traffic. I’ve on multiple occasions been tempted to get out of my car and slap 'em.

Do remember to give a wave/nod/shake of your leg/other gesture if you can to say thanks if someone moves over for ya. It’s always nice to be polite to the few of us that aren’t completely brain dead :smiley:

Give me french roads and the respect the french give motor bikers.

I sit in the fast lane of a 40mph triple carrigeway…and I do 40mph. I’m only on there for a short period, and people do up to 70 on that stretch, and I don’t fancy changing lanes into that. For me, 30 means 30, 40 means 40, 50 means 50 and a white circle with a line through it means whatever the hell you want just don’t get caught.

I’m not going to speed; there’s cameras and police all over the place and I can’t afford more points.

I would like to feel that 40 is fast enough in a 40 zone; if I was on it for ages I’d be in the slow lane but I’m only on it for a mile. When people flash at me, I really want to just point out the speed limit.

You don’t really gain any time speeding in London; I get loads of riders (and drivers) who I pull away from at the lights, but whereas I accelarate up to 30, they go to 40 (in a built up 30 zone); its dangerous, and anyway I nearly always get them again at the next set of lights. Its not worth the risk.

I agree on motorways it annoys the sh** out of me, I like to travel at between 80 and 100, but in a 30 or 40 zone speeding just isn’t worth it.