Parking manners

To the biker who was trying to wedge your bike into a space and in the process thought it was ok to snap my mirror of (!!!)… That was a shitty crappy thing to do. :frowning:

Why is it that when you work really hard to try and catch up on your finances that someone has to knock you back down again. Unhappy biker bunny.

That’s crap of them, what bike is it as I’ve got a left CBR600 one I bought but it didn’t fit my vfr, you’re welcome to it


@ChrisB that would be amazing! It’s a 2011 model - will it fit? More than happy to pay you for it. Lifesaver - couldn’t find one anywhere online for my model.

@KTM D I know right!

You could try it and see, I work out past Reading and live in Essex so I could drop it off if you’re on route.

Really annoying. I’ve had exhaust hangers snapped by a scooter rider who wedged their crap into a nonexistant space and then stood on my exhaust to get out of the bay. Clear trainer imprint on the exhaust. Shop owner told me he saw it happen… Guess who’s scooter as picked up and dumped in the middle of the road… never saw it again.

Yep, happened to me couple of weeks ago.

Cnuts the lot of them. I wanted the CCTV so I could drag the offenders bike onto Farringdon Road :slight_smile:

it’s just not cricket!

@ChrisB - we live in East London and I work in central. But more than happy to collect it from you.

I do hate when that happens, I’m very sure the dent on my tank comes from someone trying to hard. to get the bike in…

@WildBoy - and I bet it’s always a bloody scooter. And probably parking nose in! D*cks

I sympathize with you guys that have had your bikes damaged by those idiots. But come on, two wrongs don’t make a right. You could actually end up in trouble for criminal damage yourselves. Personally, if there was video evidence, I’d pass it onto the fuzz.

@pricetta are you going to BM tomorrow, I might be able to get there

Of course two wrongs don’t make a right! But a rant serves a fair purpose :slight_smile:

@ChrisB amazing yes can be at BMM - what time will you be there?

Parking manners in London that’s a joke
ppl are to self centred to offer any kind of courteous parking

I might not make it to BM, I finish work at 2.30 it might be easier to go past Euston. If you want to give me a place suitable for you i would be there about 3.30 ish

@aceman, nah i don’t sweat It that much, it’s just annoying. I take it as the price of commuting to Central London

@pricetta I’ve had a look at some Google images of your bike and they look just like the one I have although it mine is an older model.
If meeting in Euston not suitable you could collect from me in the evening any night that suits you.

Hey 3.30 would be awesome! I’m literally just off the Euston Road - I’ll try add you on Facebook so I can give you details. Thank you!!

@pricetta it was a pleasure to meet you today and glad the mirror fitted.

@ChrisB likewise!

All faith in lovely biking community restored :slight_smile: