Parking in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest are introducing permit parking for bikes, however their method of notifying people is to issue warning tickets on bikes rather than put any notices up etc. Some people got tickets today. No date has been given for the start of the scheme, only some time in May. Permits will be £45 per bike, not sure if they cover the whole borough or just your local area but it will probably be just your local area meaning that if you visit anywhere else in the borough you are liable to get fined. It’s bad enough but wouldn’t be quite so bad if it wasn’t for a total absence of bike bays in the whole of the borough. Apparently it’s “emissions related”.

Thats bad news. I visit Walthamstow once a week but have yet to receive any tickets or notifications for parking my mo’cycle. Where is there more information on this?

Nothing showing on the LBWF website!

That’s the thing, it’s taken everyone by surprise. I heard about it on the Leytonstone Life FB group.

Interesting reading from 2010 but note LBWF now refer to ‘vehicles’ where they used to refer to ‘cars’ and ‘motorcycles’

Seems that LBWF have now realised the ‘practical difficulties’ have been resolved by having virtual parking permits.


Thanks. They slipped the “consultation” in unnoticed. I see they have already decided against bays, which makes Waltham Forest worse than even Islington and other boroughs famous for their draconian parking control.