Pan's thread of puns

I bet the guy that owns this is a fungi

I bet he shouts Mush Mush to his car when he wants to get it going

He could def take us all for a ride. The car has so mushroom

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I hear he has trouble finding the key and he’s Italian. I’ve heard people often comment he shouts Shit-a-key

Rare picture of Transylvania’s most famous baker : Count Draculoaf

You better butter up if you want to roll with puns.

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At yeast this thread has images to help the puns

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one picture is worth a thousand puns

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Snap, I wanted to make that comment

I missed that one earlier… That’s a jammy pun there

Doesn’t look like there’s much room in there.

It looks like an okay drive, but oy, steering is bad. It might even fit in a porch in inclement weather where the engine must warm us, room and all. But on storage, keep it in a port or below eye level as I shan’t err eliciting a parking warden.

I have a dig bick.
You that read wrong.

You read that wrong too.

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Oh crickey, you’re right.

Btw made an excellent spaghetti carbanana tonight

Is that fusi-on-ili pasta

Dear god man. Save us.

Penne for your thoughts

Capital G for God, please.

I think Punagiotis thread of pans has been pulled.