Oxford Stormex Cover - Soaked Through

Had my Oxford Stormex cover a couple of months now and on the whole its been fine but with the rain the last couple of nights the cover is soaked through and my bike is wet - surely this isnt right for a £60 cover?

Anyone else’s the same? Doenst exactly live up to its name does it - is there anything better out there? I bought it from Infinitty so would I be able to get my money back?

Really winds me up buying stuff that turns out to be crap.

That doesnt sound very good at all, I use one of those ones with moto gp on it £25 keeps bike very dry, £60 sounds a lot as well you shoulda got it mail order bit cheaper, I do use local shops but if I can find it cheaper through busters or demon tweeks then I will buy it. Would give the shop a call see what they say or oxford themselves let us know how you get on.

You sure the cover hasnt blown up and the rain got in? I have the same cover and it happened to me last night. That or condensation?

Well I had a cheap cover and it just did the same so I thought I’d splash out to keep the bike dry, did look on-line and I’d have saved a tenner but then with the postage etc it didnt make much difference and I needed one asap.

I’ll pop round to the shop at lunchtime to see what they say - last couple of days I’ve come home and had to put a heavy wet cover on it! With a name like ‘Stormex’ you’d think it’d stand up to some rain :angry:

I have a Held cover and it is also not totally waterproof. I also had to wipe the bike down after the heavy rain on Monday.

Nope its secured using the strap underneath & its nice and snug around both wheels. The rain seems to soak in around the bottom edge and spreads up the cover then when you take the cover off you end up dragging grit & water over the bike


Ok cool - Im gonna do some research to fine one that actually is 100% waterproof. I popped into Infinity at lunch and they said that they would swap it for me but did say they do soak up around 9" of rain around the bottom which is fair enough but makes a mess of your screen etc when your taking the cover off cos it drags over the bike & when you get home its still wet inside!

I dont want a bike cover hanging up in my bathroom or having to dry it off in my tumbledryer - if its getting wet, its not 100% waterproof and isnt what they say it is, its good but not that good in prolonged heavy rain.

Oxford Stormex 7/10 :wink:

I’m not sure what make my cover is, but it is completely waterproof. I bought it in the Bike Shop in Faversham for about £40. It is huge (as it was bought for the dragstar but is now housing the honda) and quite heavy, but rolls/scrunches up small enough to fit into an Ikea blue bag when not on the bike (top tip- as the bag collects any water on the outside of the cover rather than it dripping anywhere).

My stormex is the same. When theres a heavy downpour the thing weighs a tonne, and theres loads of grit stuck to the inside!

I have a bigger problem though, CATS, if i catch the one (or two) who are p&ssing up my cover, the RSPCA can come and pick up the pieces. I leave the cover in the porch (only place i can leave it) to come home to a porch stinking of cats p*ss.

Does anyone else have this problem? or more importantly has solved it!!!

help please!!!

I think for one cats go under bikes, cars because they like the smell of petrol.

now we have the extra problem that because we put covers on the bikes we create a nice and warm place for them to go and have cover from the rain (i sometimes found catpaw prints on my seat).

best thing is to wait for the bike to cool down before covering… :wink:

I have an Oxford Heavy Duty rain cover as well and when it’s rained really heavily and the cover’s saturated, I’ve noticed wet patches on the bike the following day/hours later. Am yet to hear of a cover that keeps the bike nice n cosy!

If anyone body knows of a bike cover that is completely rain storm proof please let me know!:cool:

My bike is still dry… :smiley:

Got a stormex cover too - Keeps mine 99.9% Dry - Only get wet taking the damn thing off, dripping crap everywhere - Only way to ensure its 100% dry (ie -No condensation etc) is in a garage… as I see it, if you havent got one and cant get one, do the best you can :wink:

As it goes, got mine for about £50 at Peterboro show, think for the service its done me over the last 9/ 10 months, its a brilliant bit of kit.

Thanks Panagiotis, I’ll try being a little more patient, before i put the cover on.

I was also thinking of trying one of those pest repellent devices, has anyone tried those before. Some of the new ones have motion detectors, so its not on all the time (i guess better than a mouse trap! lol - just kiding)

I think anything is worth a try, I cant stand the smell, and it seems to spread when you least expect it!!

afaik after a few months there is a coating on the cover that wears off and you are meant to recoat it with something in the washine machine, but i havent be able to find the right stuff to use. maybe it could be water seal the stuff that you would use to seal walls before painting etc. could be wrong.

They sell that stuff in Hein Gericke - didnt know you had to put it on these covers tho

i’ll have a look there. Thanks mate.

You can buy these vacuum bags that you ride your bike over and then zip it closed around the bike…Can’t remember where I saw it advertised but I think it was an M&P catalogue.

I have a Stormex aswell…Keeps the bike dry, but have found that they get dirty easy on the underside due to their size and they don’t scrunch up small enough to transport in small bags.

i have the stormex cover. whenever i put my chain through the bottom, the water gets in through the opening the chain makes, the it starts to fill up inside the eleasticated part so when you take it off there is water everywhere and its very heavy.

bloody annoying !