Oxford Hardcore XL.

Hello all

Iv some how managed to snap the key in the lock of my chain padlock. 

Im going to try getting the broken key out, twisers, long nose pliers. Dont think its gona happen, not happy. 

Il probly have to invest in a new chain n lock. Iv heard alot of good things mentioned about almax. Whats the best place to buy? Anywhere i can go locally and pick up or are they online only?

Do a report and let us know how long it took you to break it, fix it

Bad luck there :sweat:

Almax are amongst the best out there, as far as I’m aware you can only buy direct from them, on their website

Almax or Pragmasis are quite well known brands. Buy directly from them or look around ebay for used ones.

Im actully having second thoughts about a chain n padlock. Im thinking if a scumbag thief can unlock/pick/break a disc lock they can do the same to a padlock. Disc locks a lot more convient n easier to carry around. 

You could consider disc locks for both wheels preferably an alarmed one for front if you not immobilising the bike.

The padlock that Almax and Pragmasis bundle with their chains is one of the best you can buy.


Yup, disc locks are easier to carry around but they don’t stop someone lifting your bike into a van, least with a chain/lock combo you can lock your bike to something solid if it’s available.

I think im gon go for the almax series 3 combo. Probably the 2M one. 

Thanks all for input. 

Before you right the Oxford off it’s a simple job to remove a broken off key. Is the padlock locked to something or can you take it to a local locksmith? A locksmith will have picks, broken key extractors and the knack to remove the broken key without damaging any of the pins!

Or you could search eBay for ‘broken key extractor’ and take your pick, see what I did there :wink:

If you are worried about padlock, get Abloy 362 - they are unpickable. They go for around £50-£60 on ebay. 

Yea il try that. Probably order the almax anyway. Was thinking about it, so i can keep a chain and padlock at home, and a chain n padlock at work. 

Again thank you all. 

Can anyone tell me if a almax series- lll will fit through my oxford brute force ground anchor. 

I think the cross section of a pair of Almax 16mm chain links is 60 x 60 mm. The the height of the Oxford brute force anchor is 57mm so that’ll be a no go.

That is a problem then. Any suggestions? 

I have a 16mm Squire chain that I could measure but I suspect that the practicalities of having a 16mm chain where you can pass one link through another means they’ll be very similar (and they could well be the same chain). 16mmx3=48mm and then you need a bit of play to pass the link through and allow a bit for the sleeve.

PJB security (and no doubt others) used to do a 14mm squire chain, which I’m sure would hold up against bolt croppers (I have a fair bit of experience of bolt cutters from work). I believe it’s called Squire Excaliber chain.

Buy the Almax chain.  Call them on 0191 264 2773 to make the purchase, say I recommended you, and they’ll give you a bit of a discount, maybe half price postage, or similar.  Have a look at their website http://www.almax-security-chains.co.uk/ and look at the videos where they are cropping the leading makes of chains, sometimes in under a minute.  I think Almax are the best chains you can buy in this country, and that’s why I have five of them in different lengths and thicknesses.

Pragmasis for me.

Yeah, they’re the same products as far as I can tell, but Aceman can get discounted postage from Almax.

I just got a 14mm Kryptonite in the end because it was on ebay way cheaper than the Almax.

pragmassis chains are less well known than Almax but very good, there protector 19mm chains are about equal to the Almax series IV. The pragmassis is maybe a touch more brittle .

If you have a ground anchor that can support it and want the biggest chains you can buy then try the series V from Almax - maybe considered overkill as its 22mm iirc. 

Yes they are resistant to Bolt Cropping at 16/19mm upwards but at that level it’s about proper application to make sure they perform as best they can. 

Ooh, has someone actually compared them in terms of materials or their properties? When I looked around before I couldn’t find anything to suggest they weren’t just the same product being resold by two different companies.