Oxford Hardcore XL.

I bought a Pragmasis 16mm 1.5m chain & Squire SS65CS Padlock recently - direct from Pragmasis. £200.90 all in …

Bloody heavy so stays at work … (at home its claymores and hungry Rottweilers)

Coupled the chain, with the tracker and the Xena alarmed disc lock … hopefully it’ll see me through …

Pragmasis link size is 16mm x 56mm

Pragmassis use to sell Almax chains years ago. Then Almax took them in house and only sold direct. Quite sensible really, keeps control of the price etc.

I have both Almax and pragmassis 19mm chains, quality is v similar, hardening process is slightly different iirc , as I said earlier its about how they are applied. 

Doesn’t matter whether a chain is 50mm in diameter if you leave it draped on the floor then you can freeze and hammer it in a couple of minutes. 

Proper application people ! 

Still trying to work out best route through bike (Zx10r) … very little passage.


Look into a pinch pin …pragmassis sell them iirc…

It’s v hard to get these big chains through the frames of modern sports bikes, it’s a problem I have had! 

Thanks … now I just need a bike trailer to carry all this security stuff around !!! LOL

Just had a look at the bike … and I suggest that there’s no room for a Anti-pinch pin through anything meaningful … not a straight one anyway …

I have a pinch pin and a 1500x19mm link almax chain for work  the pinch pin goes through the swinging arm braces 

And I have a daisy and another party trick  for home with the above 

Had a little play about with the padlock. No luck removing the key.
Decided to break open the padlock and keep the chain just need to buy a new lock.

Firstly had a little go with a hacksaw, was goin for it for bout a minuate, hardly scratched it.

Then borrowed a mates angle grinder, yep. 20 seconds per side and it was gone. Was very noisy and gave off a load of sparks.
A lesson learned, never stand right behind what ever your grinding, the sparks burnt a hole in my joggers.

Another thing iv learnt the hard way, never use chain lube to lube a padlock. It worked really well for a few weeks, and then…

Oh dear, must try harder. A broken key extractor is more or less a pair of tweezers. You could make do with a feeler gauge set. Placing a fine feeler gauge either side of the key and pinch the feelers against the key with a pair of pliers and gently pull. Alternatively you can achieve a similar purchase against the key  with a pair of sewing pins or place a pin above the serrated edge of the key and lever it out.

Nope that key werent comming out. It werent in stright, it had a quarter turn then broke.
I think over a fee weeks the chain lube had collected muck and just jammed everything up. Thats why it was stiff, and broke, and it werent gone come out.

I see, if only you’d mentioned that before. That’s what can happen when small foreign objects enter the key way of pin tumbler locks and lodge above, below or between the pins. When the key is inserted the pins are raised fractionally more or less than intended and bind the plug in the barrel. With some security pins such as mushroom pins or spool pins you can experience a false set and think the plug should turn, apply brute force and ignorance and hey presto the locking mechanism does what its designed to do and binds to prevent picking. A little more force and the key snaps off.

Note  the key will not extract if the key way has turned in the padlock body as the locking mechanism pins will hold it firm. You need to first release the bind by turning the key way to the normal key extraction position, this should be fairly easy with a little gentle assistance from a flat bladed screwdriver. Once the key way is in the normal rest position the key should be easy enough to extract using a pair of tweezers or similar.

Graphite lube or spray for locks

Thanks guys. A great place for knowledge.

Pick a lock >>??