Out of here...



I’m lost?

i think its 3’356…

??? :hehe:

WTF? :unsure:

Just dipped in here and bored I guess, but why sign off? Also gets people worried, there have been precedents. Daft OP, can a mod remove the whole topic?

Did someone upset him.

it wouldent be the fact he only came on to spam that site would it.look at his posts and every one he advertised one of two sites.

does anyone care…?

Bloody Swingers;):D:D

Swingers??? Where and when is the free sex???

Dam I missed it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

the only swinging chunks does is in the trees visiting his family lmfao :):w00t:

After a row with his other half SteveGSX shouted where are you going? "she replied “to get you back I’m going Swinging”. Steve sat in and thought she’s angry she’ll back when the pub shuts, when she never showed at closing

time he thought she must be away for a curry… when she finnaly stumblled in at 6.30AM Steve was angry…

“Where the hell have you been?” he shouted

“I went swinging and found an absolute stud!” she answered

Tearful and hurt Steve stuttered, “Did he touch those amazing boobs you have?”

She answered “He fondled and groped and sucked these boobs til they were sore!”

“Did he touch that big soft curvy bum?” asked Steve

“He groped and squeezed and bit this bum til it ached” She laughed

“And what about that big bald c**t?” Steve asked sobbing

She stared at Steve and said “He never mentioned you once!”:D:D:DEdited for accuracy:D

Ya fuggin BIATCH lmfao walked into that didnt I ? :smiley:

Oi mods ban chunks for telling fibs…Im a slaphead therefore not HAIRY :smiley:

:laugh: (sorry Steve) :hehe:

Sorry mate you had that one coming…:slight_smile:

Right thats it gonna slope of n sulk now, not playing anymore ya bassa’s :smiley:

Are you working on commission or something? :P;)

They promised me a years supply of rubbers… I was hope they might be Michelin 2CT;):D:w00t: