One of our own

Elsewhere this has been reported as Martin Ackner - Pimlico Pilot

OMG! i hope not :crying: was only talking to him on wednesday night!

I hope more than anything this is not true, and such speculation is insensitive. I am shocked and pray its not true.

No speculation is involved I am afraid.

Really hope this is not so, but my thoughts go out to the riders family:(

OMG what??? :w00t: it’s not him is it? Not him I do hope it wasn’t him… we were having a laugh at the hut on Weds…:w00t:

I seriously hope you are wrong :frowning:

I can’t find anything reporting the name of the rider. Condolences to the family of the rider and again, really hope you are wrong man.

omg, shocked.

This must be wrong, I just saw him on Wednesday. He came down to the BM meet to lend me a book. Loveliest chap in the world. Can’t have been him, you must be mistaken.

As everyone has said, hope not, what a gentleman a tragic loss to us all

anyone have his number to call

This is a tragic loss to our community of a truly very lovely man. RIP Martin.

hope this isn’t true…only met him for the first time few weeks back nice chap :crying:

oh i’m so sad to hear this. it must have happened at the end of his rideout on thursday.
deepest condolences.

A true gent, a sad loss, R.I.P Martin!!!

Never met him - but read his posts.

R.I.P. - condolences to his family.

Sorry, my post above is stupid. Guiliano would not have posted if he wasn’t sure. Also, Martin was due to be coming back from lunch at the ship on Thursday, which fits the route.

Truly a tragic loss, someone I was truly looking forward to get to know better. Rest In Peace.

I am very glad to have met Martin- RIP. Martin’s attitude to life can be a lesson to us all-100%!

Giuliano sorry I was shocked-someone must report such news.

I met Martin a few times on rideouts. A truly charming Gent. If it was all going wrong at 35,000 feet you couldn’t but ask for the calm good humoured voice of Martin coming from the Captain’s Chair!

A very sad loss to motorcycling, to his profession, and to his friends and family.

no,no,no… :frowning: rip martin, youll be missed