OMC - New Prices.

Hello Folks,

As all businesses we have had to up our prices, a bit, we have held off for as long as possible but the inevitable I’m afraid has to happen.

As of the 1st July our new hourly rate will £22 per hour. The Sundries and environmental charge will go up to £3.50

As of the 1st August the pre pay cards (discounted bulk hours) will go also go up;
14 hours £220 (4 free hrs for the cost of 10)
18 hours £264 (6 free hrs for the cost of 12)
24 hours £300 (10 free hrs for less than the cost of 14).

This is so all of you who have supported us or have been meaning to take advantage of the pre pay card, can still get bulk hours for one more month at the original price.

New prices will be listed on website from July 1st and the August 1st.

Still think you should consider doing a range of regular jobs by price and not by time mate.

I would easily be willing to drive to south london just to give you my support if I knew the job would cost the same as if I took it to my local garage, but the risk that the job will end up costing me more (which it has done several times, not due to you, but due to the fact that I am not a trained mechanic) is just too much.

You can’t compete on price with a timed system and I am not that interested in becoming a wannabe mechanic to the point where I can work within a time limit to either beat or match the price, but it is nice to do the work yourself and to support something that I think is damn useful to have around.

Just can’t justify spending more on the budget I have to live on.

That sounds like a good idea , But I think it would require a trained mechanic to spend more time hovering to make sure things was done correctly first time with no “try” and only “do” . I can clean a caliper and slap in a set of pads faster than you can … just cos I have done it a ridiculous amount of times .I know exactly what I need and will have it all laid out before hand . Hard to make up that time and judge that time as inexperienced people are all at different levels . I can see many pitfalls in trying to do a fixed price on something that the mechanic aint actually doing but trusting the inexperienced to do it in that time . Almost messes with the head that does :hehe:

This is disappointing news for me… I think you’ll find yourself pricing a few of your customers out of their budgets.

still less than half of a regular dealership if you pay per hour as apposed to a prepay card

It looks to me like OMC is a great idea for riders who want to learn about their bikes using good tools and good advice.

Whether its financially worthwhile depends on how much you value your time, but i dont really think that’s the idea. Its quite possible to do to basics in the street/driveway/ backyard/garage with basic tools - but as I say, having some very experienced help on hand can be worth a fortune if you are new to it or lack confidence :slight_smile:

Its a £2 increase…Its not breaking the bank.
OMC is still FAR cheaper than the dealerships.

And dealerships dont provide the tea!

I maintain that anyone who regularly uses the OMC will not stop going because of the price increase.

I probably won’t be going to the OMC much anymore, not because I can’t afford the extra £2 per hour, but because I don’t really want to be paying extra for the same thing just because someone’s business isn’t doing that well. I don’t think I should have to pay for that.

If OMC announced a drop in prices to £18 per hour perhaps that would generate more interest and custom. But as the price has gone the other way it makes me feel put off. It also makes me think twice about recommending the facility to other people. I’d rather use my local bike garage.

All the best to OMC though

That’s true. but it’s only really a problem if they’ve got more customers than benches available. If it means someone spends 5 hours doing a job that should only take an hour, and they pay for the job rather than the time, have OMC really lost out if there were enough bench’s for everyone else?

I would think it isn’t their idea of building up an offshore tax haven having to put prices up, but a knock on effect of the everyone else wanting more because of inflation.

What they probably need is Jimmy Carr’s accountant to be able to re classify customers as employees/traders/students when they hire an hour or so of bench time so that they can sell items for your bike VAT exempt.

No extra money for them at OMC by doing that, but 20% (no VAT) savings might get the punters in?

I think given inflation and the increase in price in things like oil based products etc a small increase is not a very big deal. They offer a jaw dropping deal on there membership cards and if your going down there that often that the £2 makes that much more of a difference then surely you would have the pre-paid card anyway? If not then the increase will help cover the cost of the last minute usage and mean that building more customers around the cards make everything better value.

As a new and growing business i think some people are grossly underestimating what it takes both financially and time wise to make something like this profitable, if they are already in profit i would be surprised, and if all they have to do to there business model is increase there pay as you go rate by 10% to make it profitable then thats impressive.

Cut them some slack, they are trying to offer a very unique service and they are still finding there feet. Give them an over harsh review over £2 an hour and you can kill off a business that does not deserve it.

I have never used OMC as point of note, I’m just looking at it from a operational point of view.

I suppose that would depend on what they used … lekkytikkity , tools ,how much pro mechanic time they required to take 5 hours to do it . I am sure when Matt aint hanging over a customer he has other things to do … how much coffee they drank .

There’s loads of benches there, if they could bring them all into operation it might save the times when people are waiting for benches…

I think the OMC is just the thing for someone who isn’t a total numpty with a spanner or someone that actually knows what they are doing. This makes the £22 p/h well worth it. I’m a complete retard without a spanner at times so you should see me with a spanner! The only problem with the business model is once someone knows how to do the job they will do it at home if they can and probably invest in some tools.

People are slandering OMC but nobody was complaining when they were offering their premises for FREE as an LB meeting point on Wednesdays. If its not the place for you because of the extra £2, fair enough. But, spare a thought for the two people who risked a lot to open up a business. The chance is you’ll type OMC into Google and this comes up… What does that say to potential customers? Spare a thought.

My 2 pence or £2 worth however you choose to value it :wink:

…it’s cheaper than a dealership, more flexible than a delaership, more friendly than a dealerhip and above all honest!

They’ve told you pubicly prices have gone up and not by far in my opinon, rather than you going down to your dealership and finding out everything now costs double!

I also understand that many people choose to work on their bike themselves at home (that kind of is the essence of OMC to get you to that level) so respect to you all that have that ability. Also those that have good reliable friendly mechanics, or repair shops you have a good relationship with respect to you too.

However, for those who don’t have that and can be a bit of a ‘tool’ with tools the OMC is perfect. At the end of the day I think my time and money is far better invested in working on my own bike in a learning environment rather than having someone else do it in their time at docuble the cost.

^^ +1.

i’d go there purely because i know what happens to my bike is what’s suppose to happen, not what they pretend to say they’ve worked on it for 2 hours on it when infact was 10 minutes.

without even fix what they were suppose to fix.

or do a mock job. or do some serious damage to it. the list can go on and on and on…

Going up £2 ain’t that bad

I have used OMC few times and have learnt a lot there… And think its good value for money

To the fact that in the long run I saved money by knowing how to do work myself
For example I learnt about doing headstock bearings last year there on my blackbird and have since done it on 3 bikes… Saving myself quite abit

Would recommend them to anyone

Still good value for money and still a cracking good bargain. Dealer prices are way higher and OMC have Matt there who does provide that essential help when needed.

You pay for that every single day…

Remember how cocacola used to be 50P a can? NOPE
Remember when bread was cheap? NOPE
Remember when it was less than £1 a litre for petrol? NOPE

What I’m getting at, is that everyone’s business isn’t doing as well as it used to. Global economics sucks balls.