Oh nuts.

Just been done for 71 in a 30…

laser pro III at the top of constitution hill. Wont go into details, but bother and nuts. what sort of ban and fine?

hmm, dark side of the force took you?

Naah just a clear bright morning, no cars on the road, and a dual carriageway I am not sure about the calibration of the Pro III against a small moving target like a bike but whichever way you look at it, it was over 30…

Bad luck mate. IIRC double the set speed limit (60 in a 30), is a ban:angry:. Get a good lawyer, and hope it pays off in court!.

I have 9 points, so i have a bit of money stashed away, i like to call it the lawyer/bribe fund!

As i said earlier, good luck with it, let us know how it goes!

That’s bad, sorry to hear it, they’ve made perfectly good dual carriageways round here 40mph, used to be safe at 70mph. Get some track time in now before you go to court, it’ll take a few months before you get banned. Dec in Spain ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure a solicitor would help, I had one when I was caught doing over 100 on the A1 and I don’t think he made any difference, would have cost me another £500 if he’d remembered to bill me :wink:

Ask over on http://www.pepipoo.com/ there are police, lawyers, magistrates and all types of activist over there who have knowledge of recent cases and can tell you what you’re likely to get, but I guess a short ban is almost a given.

You probably could argue that the laser device isn’t tested, certified or accurate on bikes but I know of several people who have tried to fight the CPS on speeding charges (read Peter Ward’s case on pistonheads.com, speeding plod and law forum) and the CPS play dirty, they don’t supply evidence when they should, they withold evidence and the court doesn’t seem to care as they’re after a conviction anyway.

Sorry to hear it mate, I suppose you just have to take it on the chin and hope it isnt too harsh.

Let us know how you get on.

elad, yes you are so naughty they will now take away your licence, no matter what damage it does, abuse your rights for doing no one any harm and so ken livingstone can persuade us to use public transport…thats why most of the london road limits have been changed to make travel by personal vehicle uncomfortably slow…I have said it so many times we are all being used and abused…and its time to fight back…

Riding through London certainly shows how the traffic light sequences are designed to hold back traffic, and why so many traffic lights in the first place . . .

That’s what bendy-buses are for as well. 55 feet of truck with a hinge in the middle on a medieval street plan? Go figure…

Bad news mate! Looking like a ban but all the above conditions, dry, bright, duall carrigeway and no traffic are all mitigating circumstances and will be taken into consideration.

If you can get a letter from work or have other important reasons why you should keep your license add them to the above.

Apologise, wear a suit to the hearing and say it was just a few seconds of stupidity as the road was clear. Good luck!


Get in touch with that friend of yours - hopefully he can help :wink:

Ouch, good luck. Yes you will probably be using public transport, but the size of the fine can vary. When you turn up in court remember to dress smartly, no hair gel etc and be apologetic, it may reduce the punishment. IANAL btw.

Unlucky mate. Hope that you don’t get banned, but I would expect a short ban at the least.

Bummer. So you will be needing a lift to the NEC then… :smiley:

I thought that speed cameras legally had to be noticable - that’s why they are bright yellow because it was declared that it was entrapment. Was it a copper in a bright squad car holding the gun with a high viz jacket or someone hiding behind a lamp post? If it’s the later, I’m fairly sure you can get that dismissed. Even the camera vans have huge speed camera sign below the camera. It would be worth looking into it. Found this when I googled ‘how to get out of a speeding ticket’ http://www.speedcameras.org/uk-driving-secrets-review.htm bet there’s loads more info out there that won’t cost you anything.

Good luck.

Cheers guys, thanks for all the advice, all taken on board. Email to Withy-King already sent! Reckon I can do the aplogetic in court business, suit is easy, wear one every day.

Hopefully add in BikeSafe course and conditions, unfortunately it isnt a need for my work so they cant really help there.

But as Andrew Cambell told me, I have to wait for the summons first…

isnt there also supposed to be a posted sign saying there is a speed camera as well…even if its a mobile unit i am sure there has to be a sign up…sure the guys in blue on here will know if thats right

What did Paul Mostyn tell you? Show restraint ;):laugh:Bad luck could have been a number of us :cool:

grimbusa (05/10/2007)

Those words on my BikeSafe Assement sheet are one of the reasons I might not show it if it gets to court!!!

Elad (05/10/2007)

Have you never heard of Tippex? ;)11 ‘A’ grades are good in my book :w00t:

Aw crap!! Sorry to hear about this man :frowning:

Good luck - will have me fingers crossed for ya.