Oh nuts.

makes my 55 in a 30 look great!

So sorry to hear that honey, hope it’s not a ban, but if it is, there’s always the option to go pillion :wink:


Gutted for ya mate!!

Hope that it doesn’t come to a ban, but may be better actually - if you get a 30 day ban, no points , that’s liveable with, better than 6 points and worrying for next 3 years!

May take a while to get to court, so could be a Dec date, will you miss the bike over the festive period?

E, that’s sucks mate, sorry to hear this. Hopefully they’ll be lenient on you.

Heheh M - maybe if you get the Bonnie back, dont know if you will appreciate a windsail like me on the back (and I will only go pillion if I can wear me leathers!!)

Bikerboy - thanks mate, maybe they will go leanient if I wear my leathers to court instead of a suit (blind them into submission!)

Yeah I agree with you there Killer, maybe a ban and getting a clean licence back might be better…

Problem is that I visit my family which is scattered around england over the festive period, so could have needed the transport…looks like it will have to be trains…:frowning:

Mate, If you don’t tell anyone, you can borrow my bike, if I’m not using it!:slight_smile:

As far as I can see you have two options.

Option 1 - Tell the beak that you’d been chatting with Ginger in town. Just as you’re saddling up, a short-sighted tourist shouts “Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s Wills and Harry!”. Pandemonium. You set off at a rate of knots to escape the pack of paparazzi who have appeared out of nowhere.

Option 2 - Apologise, cross fingers, apologise, moment of madness, apologise, try the man upstairs, apologise, Bikesafe, apologise, charity work, apologise.

I’m no legal eagle but I’d say show restraint and go with option 2.

They took about 5 months to get a summons to me and then it was another 2 months or so before I got to court, so you might not get banned (if it happens) until May or June. Make the most of it while you can ! :smiley: You could always try dragging it out as late as possible so you get your ban starting after next summer :wink:

Ian just read the post, this suck mate !! hope an easy resolution…

oh dear… well, you’ve got to expect it might happen one day if you loon around like you don’t have a care in the world. Number of times I’ve been ‘on it’ then calmed it down and just up the road there is a copper there with a laser gun and you think to yourself, geeze if I’d been doing that a minute ago… You’ve got to have a sixth sense and luck on your side. Well, no point whinging about it, you done the crime now it is time to bend over and take it like a man :pinch:

oh bad luck Elad! but you never know, maybe with this postal strike malarkey you won’t get anything within the required 14 day notification period…:wink:

it could be months before you go to court, expect up to a 3 month ban and £600.00 fine and you wont be far out.

ask ginger about the oyster he knows all about it.

The 14 days doesn’t apply if it is the police stop you. They also don’t need signs etc - they can do you for excessive speed anywhere - they can even chase you down bus lanes as discussed elsewhere! As Ian knows the speed he was clocked at, I suspect he was stopped this way.

Police teams are getting very common on straight roads in Westminster. There was a team on Embankment by Portcullis House the other day - Jackie and I were riding side by side - I saw the yellow jackets and checked my speedo - about 31mph so decided ot just maintain that speed. I then heard a bike gunning behind me, checked my mirrors and moved over slightly to let the idiot tear past! I suspect that getting round me had slowed him just enough to not get pulled - he certainly got targeted by the officer but they let him go.

BTW, is it possible to be dazzled by the laser on these? The policeman pointed the gun at the other bike as he went past me, but as he moved to do so my vision was momentarily obscured by a bright flash that appeared to come from the gun. Due to time of day it could not be a sun flare off the equipment as the sun was behind the officer. I know the laser is infra red - but could that generate visble light when hitting your visor?

ah yes, i hadn’t thought of that

Love it - you never know, it might just work :hehe:

and G, thats the most frustrating thing, I can usually spot those guys, but as it was early, and they had pulled over another guy and the gun holder was behind them, I just didnt catch it in time…Probably still would not have gotten away with it, I dont think anyone does 30 down that road.

Ian, sorry to hear this mate.

I’d adivse against professing that you had recently done a bikesafe course as I dont think it would go in your favour. I recently read (there’s a link on here someone) about an advanced motorist who was caught speeding and tried the ole I’m advanced route, they turned around and basically said you should have know better.

Fingers crossed though mate, love seeing you sweep your way through the twisties!

Could you book yourself down for another bikesafe (don’t mention the first), ride very safely/sensibly to get a good report, then if you are unfortunate enough to end up in court then say about getting stopped was a wake up call blah blah blah and you’ve since been on a bikesafe to teah you how to ride more safely, and produce the report ?

When I got caught for doing 114 on a motorway, I was warned that I would likely be facing a £300 fine and a 3 month ban.By the grace of God I walked away with a £200 fine (plus court costs) and a 28 day ban.

My summons didn’t come through until four months later. You don’t get a clean license back though. The endorsement stays for I’m not sure how long.

In my case it was an SP50 which is speeding on a motorway.

They certainly took into consideration the conditions, they were mentioned in court.

On the plus side, my insurance wasn’t affected much.

Sorry to hear you’ve been got, it’s gutting when it happens. You can get away with it for so long but one day it’ll catch up with you :frowning:

We’ll do a track day to celebrate when you get it back :slight_smile:

Mate this sucks!

Sorry to hear this. However you’d have to be really unlucky to get to court before Christmas so at least that may be out of the way before you start contemplating public transport.

Was this Constitution Hill SW1? Mate I wouldn’t use ‘Dual carriageway’ in your defence as it’s still a 30 surrounded by 30’s and always has been and if your travelling up towards HPC the memorial makes the top of the junction unsighted even if the lights are green.

Hope its not to bad - best of luck,

Ian - sorry you got caught, but like others, I think your ban may lose you a dreadful February rather than an interesting December. I agree re Constitution Hill. I presume you got caught early in the morning, but a four lane 30 with a royal residence one side, and a royal park popular with tourists on the other is still a 30. :slight_smile:


where is Constitution Hill?