Official LB Track Day Tour 2011

A car forum I used to go on, used to run an official track tour each year. The idea being visit a few different circuits, planned out in advance to get as many people on as possible which brings the following benefits:- less scary for track newbies as they will have people they know there

  • tis a lot more fun with lots of people (as CCS showed) and also gets a bit competitive

  • Shared accomodation when doing tracks further away cutting costs

  • With a group you can take over a whole pit garage, and due to people being out in different groups your stuff is much safer when left alone.

  • There will be greater tools, resource available should something go wrong with your bike.

I am going to get the ball rolling with the following event, get involved as the more people the better :slight_smile:

27th July - Brands Hatch run by focused events which means there will be instructors on hand free of charge. It is also in the evening (be there for 4pm registration) meaning it is cheaper and you only need a few hours off work. The indy track is great for beginners as there isn’t many corners so you get the hand of it quicker.

Only 8 spaces left so jump in quick if your interested and don’t clog the thread with your reasons why you can’t make that day blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking at Mallory on the 20th August mate. Its a Saturday with Focused Events for £109. Nice circuit and being a saturday more likely to get a few more together.

I will let you know if i take it further. If enough are interested we could always camp there on the friday night and a few could share the costs of hire vans.

We have Cumbria on 20th August…

i’ll ask my dad if he fancy’s lending/sharing his NC30 for the evening…dont like the idea of binning my vfr :smiley:

Daddy can i…?:stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot about you having a few NC30’s around to play with! So the offer still stands if I bin mine I can have ur parts??!!! Lol! :w00t:

check the BOLD above :wink: your more than welcome to ask him but i can guess you’d get a no :P,i have parts but not sure its the one your looking for:hehe:

I will get around to doing another track day, but noticed on the link, this statement on the bottom

Indy Evenings are 102db. does this mean my baffle less cut down zorst wouldent be allowed???

yes!!! get a baffle for it. My cut down (by about 40%) race only micron exhaust with a baffle did 101DB at brands. an exhaust fab will make you one for about £20

yeah I am up with a few in lake district on that one. How about a rockingham one? saw quite a few saturdays when I was looking?

Yeah i looked also but i have to tie my weekends in with having my son every other one so not all fit my diary unfortunately.

I will keep an eye out in case any others come available though.

OK you might have twisted my arm, on my first trackday we had a full LB garage and it made it a really good day.

What group are you going into for Brands?


BOOKED!!! Arrrghhhhhhhhhh! :w00t:

I’m really really excited now!

Are we there yet?? :hehe:

Awesome stuff!!! There is only 5 spaces left now for this so people need to get booking ASAP if they want in. Chris, get it booked! Zander has shown some interest…

I saved a fiver and bought the pictures when booking, first day on the gixxer so will want some of me tumbling down the road on me arse :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be surprised at how loud 102db is to break… I had a cut down twin port stubby Blue Flame exhaust on my Gixer Thou no baffles and it was fackin loud… 90db :DThere was another guy there on a Ducati with 2 arrow exhaust, that was fackin LOUD!! His must have been right on the limit!!

Gazza B (29/06/2011)

agreed, there are track only bikes with full systems etc that seem very loud that pass. If you are worried, get to an MOT testing stationt that has a DB tester and get them to test at 7k RPM

did’nt think of getting it checked, D’OH:D cheers guys

Just my 2penneth worth again, my local MOT place didn’t have a db checker thingy… They just had a tool for checking emissions… So this might prove difficult!! If you don’t live to far from Brands might be worth getting down there on hour or two earlier, have them check it… Alternatively just whack the standard back on… I think they only measure it at like 5500rpm so I wouldn’t worry mate!!

7k RPM

Hi all - thanks to Leon and Claire, I’ve booked up now :slight_smile:

Not done an evening session before, and uses up my last half-day of unbooked holiday nicely.

Hope my bike passes the noise test - I believe the Speed Triple just got to 102db during the last Brands day I went :blink: even though it seems quite quiet idling away. Think the day limit is 105db.

Might have to bring the Hornet as a safe, quiet option…