Nut fell inside the handlebar

So, I was replacing my bar-ends and a nut fell inside the handlebar. While I don’t really need the nut, every time I go over a bump I can hear it rattling inside, which is annoying as hell :pinch: Any suggestions on taking that nut out without removing the handlebar from the bike?

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Magnet on rod?

take the bar end off and lie the bike on its side, let gravity do its job.

The handlebar bends quite sharply and early which makes it kind of hard to find an appropriate rod.

I was thinking of that, but having never lay a bike down (not on purpose anyway:D), I am a bit wary about it getting scratched up. Also, the thing weighs 230kg, but I suppose I could ask for some asssistance from a mate.

Take the bars off slacker

Can you take the other bar end off and blow it out? probably with the bike slightly leaned over too.

That is out of the question. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t stand by my internet nickname :smiley:

That wouldn’t work. When I was replacing the original bar ends last year, I had to push one of the bar end weights inside (from the opposite side of where the nut fell down now). Thankfully the barend weight was nice and quiet, unlike this nut, so I never bothered to get it out.

  1. Stick the squirrel from the borrowers in.
  2. Stick the dyson on the bar end - make sure its an airtight seal and turn it on.
  3. Stick some oil/grease/adhesive down the hole to stop the noise.

Clearly what you need to do is cut a section out of the handlebar in the middle and shake it out that way, then weld up the missing section again. So much simpler than taking the bar off…

You don’t have to lay it down fully on its side, just pull it over enough for it to be on a slant and out it’ll pop

ignore… mis read

a sticky stick

Or just fill with expanding foam :wink:

So much for bar end weights doing what bar end weights do :ermm:

Points for inventiveness. But just catching a squirrel already sounds more trouble than taking the bar off.

I think you might be onto something here. I will need to buy a welding tool and maybe do a couple of practice runs on the pipes in the boiler room (I doubt the boiler needs so many pipes anyway).

Worth a try. Though, shaking the bike from side to side proved fruitless. Couldn’t even hear the nut move (might be slightly stuck in some grime/dirt/whatever).

Same as the magnet idea, not sure I can find a stick that will be able to navigate all the way to the nut.

Now this sounds like a slacker solution :smiley:

Dampen the vibrations? Hadn’t noticed any increase since I shoved the weight inside. :doze:


“When I was replacing the original bar ends last year, I had to push one of the bar end weights inside”

doesn’t that negate the point entirely of using bar end weights?

Drop in a magnet on a piece of string and pull it back.

I hope the bar isn’t steel then

Buy a new bike, it’s clearly the advice you’re looking for :w00t:

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