Nut fell inside the handlebar

I’ve heard that Scorch can fix anything…for biscuits

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Sell the thing and get a light weight bike. Problem solved.

Same thing happened when I was having heated grips fitted to my Bandit 1250 - the guy who did it ended up placing the bike on its side and giving it a shake; I think he had someone to help him (I’d left the bike with him and only found out when I went to collect it).

Easily done with a Bandit which uses an expansion bolt arrangement, rather than simply screwing the bar end weight into something.

Prowler and MikeDaBike - the winners so far :slight_smile:

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That escalated quickly :smiley:

Well, it would seem the problem has resolved itself - my favorite kind of outcome, where I do nothing :wink: The bar end weight has unbeknownst to me receded inside the handlebar.
I left the bar end weight and the bolt inside it (the one with the missing nut) in the handlebar. It was sitting quite snugly in there and prevented any rain/dirt going inside the handlebar. Without the nut, though, the weight must have shrunk a bit and slided all the way to the center of the bar.
So, now I have a two bar end weights in the center of my handlebar - one from each side (perfect balance restored), and more importantly I can no longer hear the nut. Victory :laugh:

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Everyone loves a happy bar end(ing) :slight_smile:

But for good measure fill from both sides with expanding foam lol.

Just done it also hence, goto Google for a forum :see_no_evil:


Tape and seal the end of a vacuum cleaner to it and see if you can suck it out :crazy_face:

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^^actually not a bad idea!

Expanding foam.

It won’t get it out, but it will no longer rattle :rofl:


Anyone suggested earplugs yet?

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Or a shortie exhaust

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So many different ways to crack a nut