Nürburgring in September! Are you up for that?

Duncan and I are planning to go to the ring in september! Who’s up for that? It will be a sticky LB trip every year. Let’s do the first! Unfortunatelly I wouldn’t recoment this trip for the novices with the fast road ride. Show your interest and we will get it sorted. 3 days on the first week of september

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Can I come?

What hotel you planning on staying in? the Blau Eck in Adenau is luvly.

I’m definitely in pending work commitments - I’ll know in the next few weeks.

After the nightmare of my last solo trip, a group ride to this stunning location would truly be special. I know there are some videos out there of the circuit - anyone have links in their bookmarks?

Also, if you want to familiarise yourself with it, Tourist Trophy for PS2 is a must!

Great! Puppy the hotel I’m not sure as Duncan is the ring expert, if you have any suggestions it would be great, do have their contact details? It will be great!

I’m in! I was actually speaking to Gary about this last night who’s massively enthusiastic about the 'ring. He said we should get out there and do an article on it with a photo-gallery. I said I believed we were planning something, so good timing Cezar!

Yup I’m in.

Sliders guest house will be the place to stay, I’ve been and it’s great, but they’re full every weekend this year.

So I’d suggest a mid week trip.

  1. the Ring is likely closed during the day for commercial bookings, but the roads in the Mosel Valley are truly fantastic

  2. Bren and Suzy from Sliders will doubtless take us on rides around the area

  3. The Ring will be open most evenings and is quieter than weekends as not many people will make the effort to turn up for only a couple of hours besides which the locals are getting back from work / dinner.

Sliders is about E30 per night, with a bar (well, a fridge full of beer) and B&S might take us in their van to restaurants, or even cook dinner for us. Failing which there is a takeaway local.

They also have a huge garage for the bikes.

There is no decision here people. Mid week it has to be


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Ahem - back on topic can we please?

Looking at the opening times, I suspect the best dates in September are Sunday 3 to Wednesday 6 September. The ring is open on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings (17.15 to 19.30) then all day on Wednesday.

A couple of outline plans could be:
Plan A - Get in, go round, get out.
Leave Blighty early on Sunday morning, blast through Belgium, arrive in time for a few laps in the evening session.
Spend Monday and Tuesday riding the fabulous roads in the Eiffel region followed by the ring each evening.
Wednesday Ringfest. Thursday ride home.

Plan B - Hello trees, hello sky.
After a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning, sail across the channel and find somewhere in France for dinner and to spend the night (Champagne anyone?). Monday, enjoy the scenery of the Ardennes and Eiffel regions riding to the Ring via Luxembourg. A few laps of the ring on Monday evening. On Tuesday, tour the eiffel with a stop at Cochem for lunch by the Mosel. More laps of the ring in the evening.
Wednesday, do some laps of the ring in the morning (it is quietest first thing in the morning), wander off for lunch then return for a few more laps in the afternoon.
Thursday, Friday ride home with an overnight stop in France, as before.

I know my way round the ring but I am not particularly fast there and by no means an expert. I will happily show people round but that, as with any lap of the ring, is on an “at your own risk” basis. The ring is a very dangerous place. People die there regularly and Adenau hospital has a very good orthopaedic department. When you tell non-motorcycling friends you are going to the ring and begin to describe the place they will look at you as if you are mad. They are probably right. That said, it is probably the finest place to cane the nuts of your bike, an unforgettable experience and utterly addictive.


For opening times, see:

Great! I would go for the plan A, allthough I believe that for the majority it woud be better to leave on saturday morning and come back on tuesday, so they loose leees time of work. Duncan and I spoke before about it and the reason for the midweek dates is pure for safety reasons. To miniminaze the risks of ride between people that haven’t got a clue where they are and how to behave there, for that it would be enough us! lol

I am easy with either plan A or B will go with the majority.

Have got some numbers for hotels if you need them.

Hurry up September - Cant wait…


Bren will take you around the ring if you like. And there are more than enough roads and sights to entertain in the Mosel Valley.

hotels? cough.

Shall I enquire with Sliders then?

I wana go to!! just depends on work grr…

always been a dream

I’m off from 4th - 10th Sept.

I would very much be classed a a novice but could I come for the social without actually riding the ring? … ooerr Mr, that sounded bad

I used to live in Germany and spent many years round the Mosel Valley, Cochem etc. Always wanted to go back on a bike

Might be up for this, depends on costs… Any ideas what the overall costs might be? I know the ring costs about a tenner a lap, then goes down in price the more you book.

Plan A sounds good to me.

yes i would be interested but would like to know a abit more about costs and stuff?

Ferry say £50

Sliders per night about £25 inc a beer or two

Ring E16 per lap. Price not that much cheaper bought in bulk. And buying in bulk is risky as track closures are common - crashes and the like. And never mind the changeable weather the place is susceptable to.

  • Meals

and err lots of petrol. I think it was about 400 miles from calais to the ring, and you can rely on doing at leastt 200 miles a day while there.

I stayed in a formula 1 (about £25 a night)in Antwerp which breaks the journey, but it’s not a huge problem non-stop calais to Nurburg anyway.

Duncan will sort a guest house for us. Not expensive and very tipical. No idea of the costs yet but it shouldn’t be that much

Oh ok then, but I’ve checked Sliders is free and they are organising a trackday at the Ring on the Monday at E180 each…


but if Duncan has it covered, then fair enough