Number plate reflectors to protect against speed cameras

I recently saw some ads for number plate reflectors to prevent speed cameras from reading your number plate.

A few years back I saw a tv programme which briefly looked at these. They did, indeed, just as shown in the ads, obscure the number in a photograph, but a simple switch to a negative image showed up the number. Things may have moved on since then though.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any info on whether these work now?


ps I drive/ride to conditions, I have never had a speeding ticket here in over 30 yrs on the roads & I like the roadworks average speed cameras, so please no lectures on speed cameras/speeding.

youre better of with one of these ;):

I had what I thought was a brainwave many years ago but sloth got in the way of trying it out. If the science is right (which I think it is) you can have the idea for free…

A thin Perspex film over your ‘plate containing liquid with quite a high refractive index (i.e. something quick viscous) would bend the light such that your ‘plate would be visible from road level but not from an elevated vantage point – i.e. invisible to the speed camera but visible to traffic plod in his volvo.

It’s v similar to looking in a fish tank head on and being able to see though it, but as you increase the angle from which you’re viewing it, at a point it appears to turn silver and become totally opaque as total internal refection occurs. i.e. you can no longer see the fish / number plate.

You’d need to experiment with refractive index of liquid and thickness of the Perspex holder, but it might work…

… a bit like the screens you get on some cash machines ? the ones that let you see the screen when you stand in front, but not from the sides etc ?

this is a photo taken of a number plate at lasts years nec that hab been sprayed with their product in front of me and using the flash on a camera

you tell me if that works or not

when questioned about the failure to block the details the response was that gatso use a different frequency flash to those of a camera and when asked well what is to stop gatso manufacturers using a different frequency to what this product is set to block was er er Nothing … so the question is …why do you want to block your number plate … is it not best to just obey the speed limit for that section or to observe the traffic signal sequence ?

So in my opinion forget the gimmicks … looking at the speed limit signs and heeding their Advice is the best way to stop your number plate being flashed

i had one made of an old choke cable and lever once. wont down like a TON of bricks when plod saw it. i dont advise

If it really worked, it would probably be illegal enough that they would make a special effort to catch you, especially if you screw the same speed camera every day.

Spray some mud on it. . . and er. . . forget to clean it. . .

That’s probably an effective solution, the other is to obey the 30 & 40 speed limits where most of the bloody things are.

And if I remember correctly applying any substance to in effect render the number unreadable is an offence.

Friend at work had one, and it did work so well that when he passed a ANPR equiped traffic car it flag it as it couldn’t read. When the video was replayed the number plate was blurred.

He got off with a producer and a warning.

Sorry, what’s a producer?

producer = police form issued when stopped if documents are not available at the time , for them to be produced at a notified/nearest police station wthin 7 days .HO/Rt10 is official name iirc

Not what Smiley Culture wants.

The servo option ( the one that tucks the number plate away ) caused a lot of controversy in Italy. The Politzia bust some enterprising fellow who did it and he didn’t get off lightly. It even made the news.

I work in Optics and the liquid idea has merit but I’m inclined to go with a very large fresnel prism sheet which is basically a decal that normally gets applied to an optical lens and has a resulting prism to offset the viewable angle. If you could place that between the perspex and the actual number plate bobs your Uncle. Problem is finding it in a very large sheet.

Any spray on product is just a gimmick pile of shite that won’t work unless its spray paint.

Legal bit: :wink:
To the Rozzers: This is purely theoretical thinking and I do not endorse or approve of any of the above

Either way you’ll get bust for doing it so maybe just stick to the rules where appropiate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the speed limits in this country isn’t that bad 60mph on the mad mile is pretty good and considering the distance from one end to the other it should probably be 50mph. The 20mph limits really need some rethinking though :crazy:


Several people have been charged with perverting the course of justice for trying to obscure their reg plates. That’s a nasty charge and far worse than speeding or a short ban . . .

Yep. As opposed to a possible 3 points and 60 quid this will get you a criminal record.

Each to their own but if you get caught with anything that can prevent the ends of justice being served such as plate lifters or gimmicks that prevent your plate being read then expect a world of poo to follow if caught.

they cant endorse you for ‘your numberplate falling off’ :smiley:

in fact even if you get caught over 3 times, all they can do is enforce a Q plate on the bike.

Yep Q plate it and see the value of it fall mate.
I may be wrong but I think that it could be seized as well under the criminal justice and public order act.

there are ways around the Q plate thing, so im told! :slight_smile:

The chaps selling these at the NEC had a story a homeless begger would be proud of. They went off on one about terrorism and human rights. The camera they use is an old codac from 1990 or something like that. I think it’s more fool you if you purchase their crap. Furthermore do not under any circumstances buy the pink anti fog wax sticks that are available at motorcycle shows. They are absolutely useless and only a total spanner would buy one of those for four quid…(once bitten and all that jazz…).

either way any such tactics are shortly due to be obsolete

RFID APNR, mandatory electronic tags fitted to all vehicles. and to be honest…

have a gander chaps (PDF), theyre going to tag us all :w00t: