Number of Points for New Riders?

Hi, all! I just had my first notice of a traffic violation come through the post. I have been driving for fifteen years, but only riding for one year. I am a bit anxious as I can’t recall if a new rider loses the license by receiving six points (only) in two years, or by exceeding six points. Does anyone know?

They did me for riding 46mph in a 30mph. I know all of the cameras and I was surprised, so it might be a police van. However, on the way in to work today, I noted that the only camera on Millbank is a camera that has been minus the white distance marking lines on the road for ages, as they recently re-surfaced the road. I have already admitted that I ride the bike, but I thought it would be worth asking for proof as the white markings have not been re-painted for very long. I might get lucky!

I am not sure what the usual procedure is for this. I suspect that they will mail me a ticket once I send in the form saying that I was riding. Is this correct?

the 2 year period only applies to new licences - passing your bike test adds an extra category to your existing on so the normal 12 points apply

pretty sure that they have to provide the snapshot on request

Are you sure, JB?! I hope that you are right. We were discussing it last night and I think that the new license is an issue as another friend risked losing his for his first offence, but they ditched the case due to lack of evidence. I feel much better if you are correct…it seems far too easy to get three points! I dread to think about what this will do to my insurance. How long do points stay on your record?

Hey Brooke! Bad luck! … don’t worry too much, it’s been well discussed here before, and we have it from the horses mouth, that the two year thing is for NEW LICENSES. You don’t have a new license, you have new endorsements, so you won’t come a cropper.

Request the proof, they might not be able to supply any!

p.s. where’ve you been, we miss you!

best of luck on the dodge. lots of stuff in MCN about how cameras are a bunch of saggy pants when it comes to accurately reading bike speeds…

think its three years (altho lots of insurers ask for points during last 5 which sucks)

As they said.

Get a copy of the picture to see what snapped you. If it’s a mobile mofo then make sure the crosshair is in the right place. Buses can do 140mph according to th LT1 20:20

Best of luck Brooke!!!

police vans don’t do cameras, that’ll be your safety partnership van.

the usual procedure is to watch your speed so you don’t get caught.

LOL DarrylJ, that’ll be the sympathetic shoulder of the law then … ?

Aye Brooke, worry not about the licence. Jay’s got it in one.

But post the pic up eh? Esp if you get off with it but remember that a manned unit won’t need white lines, they’re only for the fixed cameras.

And where have you been? (Says he who’s too wimpyish to go out in the cold)

I was told that even when you get the bike entitlement added to your licence - you still have a 2-year probation then…

is it something about the way you ride?


Hi, y’all! Thank you for being so positive…I was quite stressed about the whole thing. I will follow all of the advice and ask for proof. I am quite surprised I was caught out at that spot as I know that route well. I can take it on the chin if I was speeding, but won’t take their claim at face value just yet.

I miss all of you, as well! I HAVE been around…I went to the Ace last Friday and seemed to be one of very few on a bike. Quite a few of the usual crowd were there in cars. I was also out and about and at the Ace on Sunday. Serena, Tash and I had a girlie day in the pub on Saturday. I might have been MIA because I was travelling quite a bit.

Sadly, I am heading to the States on Sunday until December 28th. I am gutted as I will miss riding (and you!). I think that I will have internet access when I am not conferencing, however, so I can keep up with all of the gossip.

It is a bit early, but I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas! Take pictures at the LB dinner…I am sad to miss it.

Hugs to all!

Get in contact with MCN because they have a big thing going with speed cameras at the moment, apprently they were never tested on bikes and that the government has addmitted it.

So you might have a get clause there

Points on your licence are “active” for three years and stay on your license for four years (unless it’s a big one like drink driving then it’s 10/11yrs). Active for totting up that is (12pts and you’re banned for 6mths plus automatically).

I agree some insurance companies will ask you to disclose anything up to five years.

The 2 year six points ruling is for new licences not new entitlements.

Did you get the NIP (notice of intended…) within two weeks? If not you may have grounds to get out of it.

Have fun in the States Brooke.


You passed your ‘first’ test and obtained your licence fifteen years ago.

your bike licence is a further entitlement to THAT original licence therefore you are not governed by the restrictions placed on all NEW licence holders.

so breath easy on that side…

NIP needs to land on the doorstep of the ‘Registered keeper’ of the vehicle in question within 14 days or it’s too late, only exemption of a 14 day is if you are reported by an officer at the roadside then that is effectively your ‘NIP’ and they then have six months to give you a Court date.

Nearly all ‘camera Partnerships’ DO use vans with POLICE livery.

TVP have designated ‘speed enforcement’ departments using Police vans and actually park in ‘Police’ marked bays in laybys etc.

the recent camera expose on MCN/Daily Mail is not exactly accurate…

what they showed being tested was the American Lti20-20.

This is completely different to the European spec device that british forces use and has been shown to be inaccurate before (hence not being used over here)

in summary:

wait 14 days for possible nip…if no nip…end of story…take deep breaths

IF nip appears go through the procedure, ask for piccie, then ask yourself ‘Was i speeding?’ (and only you will know if you were )

the first part of the NIP will be just for identifying the driver/rider purposes.

once they know who you are they MAY offer you a speed awareness course instead of prosecution.

However , if they don’t and it’s points/fines your NOT under the six point rule on your licence.

I’m not going to advise you on loopholes for camera enforcement as i actually like my job and would like to keep it

Thanks for the clarification Porkscratchin. Sounds typical of MCN, eh?!

I think MCN just jumped on the bandwagon the Daily mail started tbh…

I know the place you mean, Brooke, as I ride past it every day. There’s been a camera there for years, as well as white lines. Around late spring, they resurfaced the road and didn’t repaint the lines until about a month ago.

In any case, you should have known that Central London would have a speed limit of 30mph, so you were being a bit naughty riding at 46mph. If you were a guy, I’d send you to my room…

Don’t worry about your insurance, they don’t seem to care about points for speeding and such stuff. My renewal policy specifically asks if I have points, excluding SP30 (which is what yours is), so I didn’t even need to mention it. I’ve also tried Ebike and they ask the same question.

Hope you’ll have a fabulous time in the States! Happy Christmas!

Hi, y’all! I am in Florida on a confernece, but can’t resist checking in at the end of a long day. I already miss you!

Thank you for all of the advice…sadly, the mailing came 13 days afterwards, so I need to respond. However, you have all put my mind at ease over the six points. I will ask for proof, regardless, as I tend to be fairly well-behaved when commuting. Time to break out the Bandit again as the Blade is getting me in trouble! Honestly, I am SO much less stressed about it after all of your suggestions. You are all stars!