North Wales Weekend #9

Wales Trip #9Friday 10th June - Sunday 12th June2011 This trips a little bit different, we are trying to cater for everyone so being as trip #8 is full of regulars this trip will be only for those who have not been before or missed the chance to do #8. :slight_smile: (I will open this up if it doesn’t get filled nearer the date-ok Rob?) :stuck_out_tongue: We still only want riders who are confident riders and who will respect one another when out in a group. This isn’t a fast riding weekend but we still need to make progress, bikes over 600cc min. Be prepared to ride approx 250 miles each day. We will be departing from the Ace at 8am on Friday 10th June and returning the evening of Sunday 12th June.There are no single rooms so you have to be prepared to share your room with another Lber. You don’t have to worry about booking the B&B or your meals, I do all that for you. Your meals will include breakfast and 3 course evening meals. Further information can be obtained via pm. Remember… Menu’s back asap cheeeeeers (Menu and costs to come let me just sort trip #8 out) Have a look at our previous trips and photo’s.

  1. Ang - PAID

  2. Mark - PAID

  3. JC - PAID

  4. Mrs JC - PAID

  5. Andy - PAID

  6. Chris - PAID

  7. Weefrenchie - PAID

  8. Bikerboy - Mark - PAID

  9. Alex Gold - PAID

  10. Speed Junkie - Cindy - PAID

  11. Bricking It to replace Jamie

  12. mmid2 - PAID

  13. Stacy - PAID

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop messing me around you lot lol!!!



Can I provisionally have one of the double rooms please? I just need to check with Mike later.
I cant do the June weekend though because I am hopefully going to be getting some trackside experience at the MotoGP :smiley:

Im in:D

Sorry Anita, just had it confirmed and it’s now June.

Better get back to the opticians or adult literacy classes Rob;)

Can’t you read, put them glasses back on. :cool:

Worth a try:crying::crying:

Can i come please:D

You know what, your avatar looks so much like your photo in your profile it’s hard to tell you apart :smiley:



No worries.
Might have to take a wee trip myself then :crying:
Have fun x

Surely you can go toileton your own :stuck_out_tongue:

…it all started when I was 4 and watched Halloween on my own (locked in a room by my older brother and perhaps too young or stupid to change the channel). Been scared since then! lol

i would be interested but may have a pillion, would that be possible?:slight_smile:

Yes that’s ok :slight_smile:

this is long overdue! thx ang for organising another :slight_smile:

Hey Rob, I could always arrange a day trip and we can gate crash.:w00t: you would be up for 650 miles in a day???:wink:

We can stay at yours Mo!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I would LOVE to come along but its going to be a busy, and apparently expensive year! :smiley:

Ive heard your Wales ride outs are legendary and shall be joining you 2012 :smiley:

I’m definitely in!! :cool:

So excited!! Are we going yet??? :w00t: