North Wales Weekend #12 - September 2012

Wales Trip #12

Friday 28th September - Monday 1st October 2012

Now the May trip has been sorted, though there is 1 place still available due to people having to drop out I have decided to put this one up. I will not be arranging any other trips this year so if you would like to come this is your last chance.

We have been running these for the last 5 years generating alot of fun and frolics both on and off the bikes

This is open to everyone … with some exceptions … All inclusive cost is £170.00 per person

A deposit of £50 secures your place and the balance needed in full by 30th June 2012. If you drop out for any reason and the space cannot be filled you will lose your money. The whole B&B is booked out and costs divided equally to keep the price as low as possible.

We still only want riders who are confident riders and who will respect one another when out in a group. This isn’t a fast riding weekend but we still need to make progress, bikes over 400cc min. Be prepared to ride approx 250 miles each day. All we ask is that you come with a well maintained road worthy bike, tyre tread capable of at least 1000 miles and NO SMALL NUMBER PLATES as it gets boring having to be polite to the Heddlu

We will be departing from the Ace at 8am on Friday 28th September and returning the evening of Monday 1st October.

There are no single rooms sorry, and 16 places available (Twins, Doubles, Triples) so you have to be prepared to share your room with another LBer.

You don’t have to worry about booking the B&B or your meals, I do all that for you. Your meals will include breakfast and 3 course evening meals each day, menus to come. Bar on site & safe bike parking.

Further information can be obtained via pm.

  1. Ang - Paid

  2. Mark - Paid

  3. Tiggi - Paid in Full

  4. Ashton - Paid in Full

  5. Rusty99 - Paid in Full

  6. Kevsta - Paid in Full

  7. Pogie - Paid in Full

  8. JimC - Paid in Full

  9. Sean - To Pay Westie Direct

  10. Mark - Paid in Full

  11. ND - Paid in Full

  12. Wee Frenchie - Paid in Full

  13. Suzanne - Paid in Full

  14. Joe - Paid in Full

  15. John (WF) - Paid in Full

  16. JC - Paid in Full

  17. Rach - Paid in Full

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been a few years since i’ve been to wales…more cost effective than france so may be up for this :slight_smile:

:laugh: Yes I know what you mean lol

Me please Ang :slight_smile: x

I would like to go again!! I will sort out the deposit next week.

Hey Ang,

I’d be well up for this so can you please put me plus Pillion down. Double room pls x :slight_smile:

yes yes and yes!!!

Will see if I can get the time off work , should be a 99%

Dear GSXRAng
I would like to partake in one of your trips. Maybe I could pass on some of my knowledge regarding group riding. I have just added a new section on the subject of avoiding road eluminatorys you may find this very beneficial on your future tours.

Ride safe

where abouts in wales do you go - I would be interested in coming along :slight_smile:

north wales, dogellau we stay at a charming bnb run by bikers, and a sexy chef :w00t: works there… lol or kitchen hand.

I’ve added a few to the list, once deposits are paid then I’ll add the rest.

PM me when you want bank details.

Ang can u +1 me please :smiley:

Count me in. :smiley:

I’m I healed yet, and can we go? :slight_smile:

very tempted, only problem, it is so difficult to predict the work schedule on this faraway date or if i am in UK, i will be looking the post for any possible last minute cancelations

Word of warning, it rains … alot, here in Wales. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to tell us, we’ve been through some monsoon weather over the years there. In the same breath we’ve had some scorching Weekends.

I can definitely vouch for one of the monsoon trips!

Im interested in this but as always i cant plan this far ahead… Think i’ll be another looking out for last minute cancelations…

Or i could share a bed with Westie? :w00t::hehe: