North Wales Weekend #12 - September 2012

You’re 150% er!! :smiley:

Who rattled ur cage bum boy !

Me & Jaime are coming along too! We have a B-King ride the week before in Yorkshire so will be well prepared for lots of miles!


Filling fast, that’s three of you booked this weekend… Wee Frenchie is coming back again :slight_smile:

Two places left.

Righty the trip is full subject to receiving deposits from everyone. I need £50 now and payment in full by the 30th June.

I will pm bank details over.

Come on you lot, pay the good lady :slight_smile:

If we get the same weather we’ve had this weekend this will be brilliant. :smooooth:

yes i am going, and yes asbo you can share my bed:P

If anyone drops out could I be on the reserve list please, been to NW a few times and love it.


Get yourself out on a few rideouts and meet us, one thing I won’t do and that’s take riders we’ve not ridden with before.

Keep your eye on the jetstream rides or Friday night ones. :w00t:

Fair comment, okay will do

Just a reminder, I need a deposit to hold your place as there are quite a few people waiting to step in if a place becomes vacant. The full amount is due by the end of this month too.

Rusty is a top fella. Safe good rider. Pretty quick too :wink:

Roue 32 was fun with him!

Yep agree with the pup.

Thanks for the vote people, straight to the top of my xmas card list :smiley:

Thanks for the deposits WeeFrenchie :slight_smile:

I’ve not had all the deposits so there are now spaces available - Also payment in full should have been done the end of June.

Will transfer mine and Jaime’s full amount 2night ang :slight_smile:

Righto, I’ve paid mine so come on peeps get your money in!!!

When september comes round it’ll feel like a free trip! :wink:

oops late, so will bang the rest over, and the money:P