North / South East London Biker Chicks

Hello… I’m new to London Bikers Forum - was recommended to sign up, to search for other female riders within Epping and the surrounding areas… :o)

I’ve been riding since Autumn 2010 - would like a female companion to meet up and ride with… Anyone out there? :o?

Welcome aboard Sal, there are lots of girls here who ride and they are located all over London, I’m sure a few of them will be along soon to say hi.

If you want to meet people face to face then get along to Borough Market, near London Bridge, on a Wed night, anytime after 6.00-7.00pm as lots of people from LB meet there for the regular meet.

I’m in SE London myself.

Apparently I have girly hands, not sure if that counts?


Welcome to LB. Not a female I’m affraid…Although I do like to dress as one on a saturday?

Hi And Welcome. I Have Been Looking For One For Years Hope You Have Better Luck

PMSL !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I 'll be back on my bike in a few weeks, just gotta give birth quick and i’m straight back in the saddle :slight_smile:

I live 5 mins from dartford bridge hun, feel free to pm me if you ever wanna rideout :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

Hey sal welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Hey PompeyTim - thanks for the invite… I’ll try n come down to meet you all… :o)

Kaos - very funny! :o)

Moto-King - sure, that’ll work for me! LOL

Hey Mel! :o)

Yes, lets definitely meet up - I really wanna go out on my bike with another girl, it’s no fun alone! :o)

Let me know when you are ready to get back out again - and oh, congratulations! :o)


Recommend you seek out the one we call Waspie she be from your neck of the woods (Grays)

Hello and welcome anyway :slight_smile: always good to have another shapely rider on board

Thank you, Blackbirdxxx… :o)

Thanks, RobC… :o)

I have a Honda CG125 - so I can’t move as fast as you guys… :frowning:

But, once I pass the DAS - I will get my Ducati Monster and maybe then I’ll fit right in… :o)

Hey Sal, Welcome on board from another female newbie. I too am like you and looking for a female rider to go for spins.

I am in Putney so not that close to you for a regular bike buddy but if you fancy meeting up we could meet half way to make life easier. pm me if you fancy it.


Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile: Am in east london :smiley: PM me if you wanna go ride am always up for it :slight_smile:

Ally … awoooooooooooooooooooga awoooga … … wide open you have left yourself

TimR … is this really the place for Yoda vs Red Dwarf impersonations? :w00t:

Welcome SAL79! Come to BM and meet LB, before all you ladies start LLB and disown us boys completely :smiley: