North London / Herts Pub Meet


North London / Herts Pub Meet

Every Second Tuesday of the Month

The Crown

45 Newgate Street Village,

SG13 8RA

0871 258 8967*


Directions to The Crown from J24 of the M25

Exit M25 at J24 onto the A111 signposted Potters Bar. Continue on and move into the right hand lane at the crossroads/main traffic lights to turn right (Abby building on the right. Continue along until the road turns into a V and follow the right hand lane at traffic lights signposted B156 Cuffley.

Continue along B156 for approximately 1 mile and turn left on to Vineyards Road (Sun Inn on left and Church on the right). Continue for another mile and you will reach a crossroads (signposted Newgate Street Village). Go straight across in to Carbone Hill and continue on for another mile, you will pass Cuffley Camp on the left and then arrive into Newgate Street where you will see Millbrook Golf Course on your left and a mini-roundabout in front of you. Head straigh across and into Newgate Street and the Crown will be just ahead.

Directions To The Crown From J25 of the M25 (A10)

Leave the M25 at J25 onto the A10 towards Hertford and Cambridge. Take the first left at the next roundabout onto the B198 towards Goffs Oak/Cuffley (Lieutenant Ellis Way). Follow the dual carriageway to the next roundabout and take the first exit onto the B156 (Goffs Lane.) Continue along this road and turn right at the next roundabout, war memorial on the left, and onto Newgatestreet Road.

Continue along this road until reaching the T junction at the top, turn left onto Darnicle Hill. Continue along the road, down the hill and under the railway bridge. At the top of the hill there is a mini roundabout, take the next right into Newgate street and the Crown is just ahead.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 9th February

Yes please , put me down for one !! is the film night still on ??? SPG :w00t:

I`ll be there as usual, either in the car or on the shopping trolly of a bike they are giving me.

Very nice title and thread layout :cool:

Curry is highly recommended - have fun :slight_smile:

won’t be there this time as i have to spalsh out on my new lid:crying:

I’m sure there will be a few members of the LB Car &Van club in attendance;):smiley:

Three for curry from this end… (Mark and Ian)

I’m waiting for a confirmation from Kevsta about Monty Python, but fully expect the film night to go ahead :slight_smile:

Can we start a Curry List?

Please copy and paste:cool:







Got the confirm from Kevsta - Monty Python it is! :smiley:

Looks like it’s gonna be a nice dry evening.

Shall I be brave?;):smiley:

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yes please

Yes Andy :wink:

Chris, the guvner needs numbers for the curry by midnight tonight (Monday)

Get ya names down to avoid disappointment:cool:

By the way the other menu is available if you don’t fancy a Ruby Murray;)

Will probably be there but not sure so i will skip the curry Grrrrr naming putting down thingy

So that’s TWO curries for the Birthday Girl then?;):smiley:

What time?

Around 7.30pm ish

I’ll be there, but not for curry, I’m actually allergic to it.

Birthday, yes mine was on the 7th!

Ooooh! TWO lots of bumps;):smiley: