North London / Herts Pub Meet

the question is is it toooooooooo cold for the bike

well I know that the poofs in my household will be turning up in the scooby…

nope not too cold for bike, just wont make it as got 4am start :slight_smile:

I wont be on the bike tonight as it would take me ages and i couldnt stand the shame of you lot seeing me on the curtesy bike i have been given.

is that one of those bikes where you have to wear a skirt when you ride it? :hehe:

see those of you that brave it later x

Need i say more.

I think it looks better than your usual ride :wink:

You would.

Just got back , i nearly got there and one of the roads i use was closed and there were no diversion signs to get round and without twat nav in the car i didn`t know my way round.

See Here!

Its Tomorra:D

Who’s losing it? :smiley:

Some might say I lost it ages ago:D

Dear Chaps and Chapesses, Carbone Hill is still closed unless you have a scrambler and are pretty good at it. The diversion takes you south east towards Cuffley then east towards Goffs Oak then north towards Darnicle Hill/Hammond Street Road, then west the pub. This only affects those coming from Potters Bar way. From the A10 Cheshunt was and Hertford and Hoddesdon way are not affected.

See you there.


Ta for that info Chris, its the Hertford route for me then, see you all later


Have found myself on both routes before - will take the A10, cheers for the heads up x

Ive just got in from work as we had a call out, so i wont go tonight.

I haven’t managed to confirm with Chris what the grub is this month but I’m sure it will be top stuff as usual;)

Who’s coming?

I`ll be there and in the car.

I’ve spoken to Chris (The Guvner) and he is planning to do Chilli and Rice for this months LB Fiver Deal…yum:D

Hungry as a Bear. i,ll be there:D:D:D