Normandy Weekend 25th July- 28th July 2008

Any one is more than welcome to join my self and the biker bitch from hell (wife) and stevecbr11xx on a long weekend to normandy, we have booked the euro tunnel on 25/07/o8 leaving and 7:50am returning monday about 19:20. price was £62 for the train. This is not going to be a non stop ride down, just a comfortable one stoping here and there for a rest. we are Camping at “le Puits”. when I booked the camping there was plenty of pitches. please look at their web site, the owners were very quick

at returning emails etc. any more info please ask


One simple task and u screw it up by having stutter attack n post twice you donut !!

you better hope the witch (wife) dont read it matey or u be outta the family so fast lmao

That sounds like a good weekend…:smiley:

camping??? oooooer!!! is that less than 4 stars?:slight_smile:

Well I was considering going, that was until that perv Steve made some comments about being able to camp in my knickers, (how rude), but seeing as I have his panniers already he’s not getting them back for that remark.

OK seriously myself and Nige are very interested, be an adventure, and brill if it’s nice weather. Seen the campsite, all I can say is ‘wot no pool’?, can I bring my hairdryer and where will swingball fit on Steve’s bike (answers on a postcard please).

Have a couple of questions:

1 = What were the owners quick at? just curious.

2 = Is that Euro tunnel?

3 = Seen the tariff for the site, very cheap, but could be cheaper, do we come under the 3.5 Euros category for small tent and bicycle?, as according to my tax disc I have a 650cc bicycle.

Send me more info if you have any, and any horny people out there, come along it’ll be fun staying at the nudist campsite (it’s not really, wouldn’t be going if it was, can you picture Steve naked, oh perlease I’m eating).

Ok you may have noticed, this is the have a go at Steve post, but he really did make remarks about my knickers.

Oh seen it, at returning email etc, sorry the gap threw me, and I forgot to do this for you know who :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes its via eurotunnel and can i borrow a bra dawn need 2 cover my bike !!

seriously tho if anyone fancies this just book up online and pm me or paul ya details, even if its different trains we can sort a meeting place out

Dont listen to that old fxrt hes using his leathers for the breakfast tent:P

Ok Dawn , Ive book the train at 7:50am, when i booked i could choose from 6 till 8 am, so if you two can make it that will be the times. dont worry if you cant get a train in that time slot go to the next and we`ll meet up some where. The camp site will need a 10 euro deposit, I paid by card no problem, just book for three nights for pitch etc. ps I am afraid to say that that the breakfast tent and the wife are related!:w00t: Its going to be a great laugh and weekend.

Dont bother with the pool were going to the beach at some point, the 3.5 euro is for a push bike and tent, so its going to be 10 euro`s and that will be the euro tunnel from Folkstone.

OK cheers Paul, payday is 2 weeks tomorrow, so will book up when I have some dosh. We have actually met, so I knew you were somehow related to that poor specimen of manhood, we went for a ride to Marston Moretaine for a coffee one freezing morning (as a group may I add just in case your poor wife gets to read this, however I doubt it after all the things you call her).

So will be keeping a keen eye and hopefully some more lovely bikers may join us.

Someone tell Steve that even he can fit a can of deodorant and some toothpaste in his panniers, and please some clean grundies.

how very dare you !! at least I know what deodorant is young lady I dont scrub with swarfega :stuck_out_tongue:

Right is anyone else gonna come on the trip then or what should be good fun and if enough peeps got maps perhaps we wont get lost :smiley:

ok I have just come back alive from Dorset this weekend, it was a practice run to see if I could go that far for Normandy. Now I know Normandy is 3 times as far, but we will get a good rest on the train, and then hopefully stopping regularly along route. I’m reckoning my bum needs a massage every 70 miles or so, any volunteers? Also my left arm was aching like mad when we got home, but I doubt we will be riding 90 to 100 mph all the way to Normandy, well hopefully not, so I won’t have to hang on for dear life as I was on the M3. Trying to sort a bigger tent, need a 3 man one (that’ll be 5 we own now, 2,3,4,6 and 9 man). Will deffo book chunnel after pay day which is the 27th. Be good if more peeps were coming.

Hi Dawn, glad ur building your self up for the trip, and had good trip to somerset and back. shouldnt worry to much the furthest Fionas gone on a bike is about 45 mins:w00t:. finely got a rack to the bike so Fiona has some where to put the make up etc, R you and Nigel going to Donnington next Monday for the bike racing Steve`s going, weather permiting. Any way Fiona thinks it will be a good idea if we all meet up/ bike ride etc and discuss plans what ever, have to see when Steve is available as well.

I’m definitely taking my hairdryer, so no taking the **** out of girlies wanting to bring their little luxuries, my other little luxury is Nige coz he looks after me. It’s ganna rain bank hol Monday according to the long range forecast, but we will get together b4 July don’t worry.


Dont forget to pack all the girly things, and Nigel:P. Ive booked the sunshine etc!

woo woo party on the beach :D:D

pity about the 'zooki moped coming along lmao :D:)

panniers bought, tent bought jeez im good :slight_smile:

you cheeky b’stard, moped indeed, just coz u have bought yourself a big fecking bike, big enough to stop yr huge nut sacks from sliding off the seat.