Noob checking in

Hi everyone. Petiteprincess checking in. I have a CBR125R on L plates, intending to put some miles on it this year and years to come. I’m a bit wobbly so any friendly advice would be most welcome.

Also in need of breakdown cover… which one do you use and do you recommend them? :slight_smile:

:exclamation: Cyber beers and coffees for everyone!!

Welcome aboard the LB and congrats on joing the two wheeled world… your LOVE IT!! :D;):slight_smile:

Im with the RAC for my breakdown cover, never needed it though so I dont actually know what the service is like!,ha

Hi SirYamalot! Nice to meet you, & love your positivity! Coffee on me. :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB

Hey, Ltl Smasher :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

Take a look at the ride out sec:

Howdy doodie tootie fruity :smiley:

welcome to the fun house:P

Hi Blackbirdxx and Jaime.

welcome to LB :wink: I hope you gonna enjoy life on 2 wheels :wink:

RAC is quite good. I heard some possitive things about them also I had to use them few times :smiley:

Hey Kostas. Nice to meet you.

Where did you do your Mod2, and what do you think of the riding school & instructors? PM me the details if you like. Cheers.

I got the perfect instructing school if you’re north. :slight_smile:

hi and welcome to LB. newbie night 7th of march at the ace cafe, come down and say hi :slight_smile:

Thanks Jaime, please do PM me the details.

Jimbo_1, thanks for the invite. :smiley:

hello and welcome:D i did have “aa” cover for anything i brokedown in that i was driveing it cost me a tenner a month. but i cancelled it as i had it for 12 months and only ever used it twice for a jump start on my car coz i left the lights on! i was cost cutting so had to go

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Don’t get AA, they’re shite. Not sure about RAC and the likes but I’ve heard Green Flag are the mutts nutts.



North London Motorcycles in Edgware are pretty good i passed first time there and quite a few of my mates :slight_smile:

all depends if there busy then you get a subcontracter, r a c or aa or green flag

Wow, such a warm welcome. Hi Mr Bike, Captain Slow and CHiPs.

And thanks for the riding school recommendations, as well as breakdown cover. Think I’m gonna go with green flag or RAC - RAC has been good with the car for us. :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB:D