none riding

just wondering if any of you riders have none riding partners , my wife (2b) allways used to come out on the back of my bike before i had the accident. now she wont because if somthing happend to both of us at the same time what would happen to the kids , so was just wondering if any of you have partners that are the same ?

All 3 of my wives ride bikes:D:D:D

My wife a long time ago from time to time went on theback of my hornet. When I turned up with an RR a few years ago, she said “I am never get on the back of that thing!!”(her words)

Still cannot get her on the back, I think its a really shame, but I can not force her. Also I like not have the extra responsibility.

My missus won’t. That’s fine by me, it means it’s all my domain.

Step daughter won’t either. I think that’s because she’s heard about me crashing so many times - and she’s a bit squeamish about pain. The big jessie.

my mrs hates my bikes…but she’s been on the back a few times and i think it will only ever be…just a few times…;).

but she’s put up with alot with me over the years from looking after me in hospital after an off…too listening to me whine about various things about my bike…:D.ohh and having 3 in my back yard…lol

she knows that i will never change…ever and i will always have biking in my blood…but at times she does try her luck:P…lol


For a long time my wife was adamant that she would not go on the back of my bike. She’d seen too many fatalities as a paramedic. Over the last year I’ve managed to get her to come out a few times but nothing long distance. Plus my bike is fecking uncomfortable for passengers.

No, not a chance. I got the bike to get away from her! Only joking, she did go on the back once when I first met her in 1989 then never again. Musta scared her or summat. Can’t see why though as I had a GS 550E back then! Just like Woo Woo’s missus, she looked at my R1 and said she’d never go on the back of it. There is a god after all. Strangely though, when I was looking for a new bike earlier this year she had a look at a Gixxer thou’ and mentioned she would go on the back of that, where’s the logic. Needless to say I bought the R1 hahahashando

Before we had kids my misses used to ride pillion with me.

my wife sees the bike just as transport and nothing else so she’s ok going on the back and we’ve had days out to the coast etc. but she’s not into bikes. i think her willingness will last until the time when/if we come off. then i guess it’ll just be me riding them. she once said something along the lines of ``why can’t we be a normal couple with a car.’’

My wife hates bikes and everything to do with them… including me!:slight_smile:

My Ex-wife hated bikes and would not let me have one for years. Now I have a bike… see the ‘ex’ part for reference :slight_smile:

well my ex hated bikes, he would not get on the back, we once went tripp padstow from north devon an my honda, he hated going on it, and would only on ocassion come on the back if he was stuck for a lift.

thats why im looking a biker bloke now…:smiley:

I wish I could get my ex-wife on the back… let’s say along the M25?


‘…it was an accident officer!’ :wink:

I might be out of my depth in saying this here, but I think you lot need new wives if you are that worried about it.Personally I couldnt be with anyone that wasnt into bikes, out of practicality.

Mark is as much into bikes as I am. He takes me pillion, I take him pillion (and he falls asleep lol). We have both had big life-threatening crashes. To us, thats a big part of mortality and being a biker.

It’s really a question of priority and importance. For us, we live, eat and breathe bikes. Other things too, but mainly bikes. There is no room for non-riding here.

Ive heard of many break-ups and many unhappy mates over bikes. They are like Marmite :slight_smile: You either love them or hate them. Some tolerate them, but that’s a bitter taste in the mouth…

But its got to be the death of a relationship if one party says the other cant do bikes any more. And if you give in and give up bikes because they ask you to? All I can say is dont complain to me… It makes me so mad when this happens or is threatened.

I think that depends on the relationship TBH. My Mrs doesnt really like bikes and thinks going pillion is boring, she also thinks I am an anorak when I talk about bikes or read bike mags:) But as long as I do myslelf no harm then she doesnt mind. We have hobbies that we do together and we have hobbies that we do apart, its a matter of balancing the 2.

i virtually live on my bike…

relationships can be difficult when you ride and your missus doesnt! or doesnt like them!

my bike is a big part of my social life, some girls i have been with couldnt deal with it, constant ringing me when out, wouldnt come out on the bike…

easier to be single init!!:w00t: tho a nice bikerchick would be koooooool;)


Me and steve met through bikerdating over 4 years ago and he was as into bikes as me but he has slowly put biking to the back burner cos of work…me i still love bikes and the whole scene of rideouts etc but i divorced my ex cos he could’nt deal with the bike…sad git:P

WOW! That’s a bit strong I think. Like Dannyboy says it’s about balance. My missus likes shopping, I can’t stand it, she likes ‘pop’ music, I like rock, she likes to dance, I feel like a retard being zapped with a cattle prod when dancing, I like to ride my bike, she’s not into them, she likes to wear skirts and I … better stop there. No probs at all and it’s been that way since '89.shando

re-illustrated for you :wink: my life is highly imbalanced in favour of bikes.