Newie gal comin' atcha....

Hi all :slight_smile:

I was just recommended to read a link about track days on here, so i thought I would go the whole hog and sign up!! … dont know if I qualify really, as I live 15 miles out of London… but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound! :P;)

I started riding again last year after an 8 year lay off and bought my first sports bike, hence the above mentioned track day topic… I ride a Triumph Daytona 955i and I blimmin well LOVE her!! Just wanted to pop on and say hello…

Hello and welcome to LB:D No problem living outside London,there are people on here from all over the Home Counties. Nice bike too,sound gorgeous those bikes;)

Thanks alot, Broady!

Yes she does sound sweet… cant beat the sound of a triple… :wink:

hello and welcome, as broady says lots of us live out in the wilderness :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome to LB from another outside of Londoner :wink: :smiley:

welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you Steve :slight_smile:

Thank you Debs :slight_smile:

Thank you dave :slight_smile:

Nice to see there are other country bumkins and a girl too!! hurrah! Marvellous!! :wink:



Hey welcome to LB J, you’ll fit right in here with me and TQ :wink:

Oh you are sooo right there:DWelcome aboard Daytonagal, don’t worry about your locality, there are a few of us inbreds on here;)

hi there and welcome to LB

Welcome DG - where abouts in the " sticks " are ya ?

I’m in High Wycombe and make the BMM " fairly " regularly :cool:

Hi welcome to LB, I’m doing my first track day on march 1st with LB at Brands, some of the guys are coming along to heckle…oops I mean support, so you could allways join them.

paralel twin with throayty open pipes is the best sound. Triples sound like an in line 4 missing a beat, lol.


Hello & Welcome

I live out west a bit and make BMM & Clapham tea hut as much as i can :wink:

Welcome…So any pics of your ride?

Always liked 'em in black or yellow.

Shame cos it’s neither… mines black tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah…Where’d you get that mug from…And I mean the one in your avatar :wink:

she modelled it :smiley:

hiya, anuva daytona rider :smiley: welcome aboard