Newie gal comin' atcha....

I think the girls might just be out doing the boys now :stuck_out_tongue:

thats good i prefer more than 1 girl at a time :smiley:

steady ange ya get JP dribbling :smiley:

Lend him your bib Steve :stuck_out_tongue:

cant mines soaked already :slight_smile:


welcome to LB:D

I am moving on 1st (not far away tho) so its a no-go for the track day, but if I wasnt i would be there for sure!! When is the next one at BH?? :blink:

Thanks for the welcome BTW! :smiley:

Woo hoo… soon we can take over the world… the UNIVERSE!!!:w00t:

Thanks for the welcome too! :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome Paul, Ang;), Chunky (fellow inbred!:P) Ginger, Milleman (I’m in Essex!!:hehe:) GSXR Rocker, R1cky (BMM??) Afro (Sorry to disappoint, but shes Red!:rolleyes:), Robster and tatt-chick!! :D:D

Take it you’ve got White boots then :Whistling:


And she dances round her tank bag:D

Whilst drinking blue brake fluid :kiss:

OMG… :ermm: have we met already?? :blink:… If so… It wasnt actually me … (panic) I dont usually drink that much…


Hello! welcome to LB, another essex girl here :wink:

looking forward to some essex rideouts :smiley:

Blimmin’ Marvellous!! Look forward to it loopy! :slight_smile:

Hiya welcome to LB Girlie… :smiley:

Another Trumpet rider, I’ve got a Daytona 675 and a Sprint, although the sprint isn’t doing much as I fell off it. Welcome to the Board (bored).

And… a big hiya from me…

:pinch: (bike sat on the patio with a F***ing great screw through the back tyre) :crying:

Only done 400 miles on those tyres!!!

but any… I digress… HIYa.:slight_smile:

BMM= Borough Market Meet, every wednesday;)