Newbies, newbies, newbies..

On the ’ most recent ’ posts page i jus looked at out of 28 posts exactly half were welcome messages to 14 different newbies.
Where are they ?,… i’m not long out of newbie nappies meself but me and the girls have met loads of cool people since joining up , bin on various rideouts, bowling drinking, etc. Even got a boyfriend out of it ![ no, not me :w00t:]
So if you are a new,un you could do a lot worse than gettin along to a meet or catching some other Lbers at the ace
The forum is great but meeting up for real is better.see you about…:slight_smile:

Yea, what happened to the LB ‘hosts’?

How dare they leave it up us mere mortal members!

Right here - everyday say my welcome’s to the Newbies :blink: and if they come down to BM then I say hi too.

Heh, I made it down to the first BM meet after I joined! Had loadsa fun m et a good bunch (never got a boyfriend tho :D). Still havent made it to newbies night at the Ace after about eight months but now that the missus (miz_lilaz) has joined, my 'L’s have been burnt and a lil nc23 between me pale thighs Im hoping to pop down some weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only been on LB for about two months now but I’ve met a fair few peeps on the BCR which has been great and I made it down the Ace one friday with Ratty…

Not been down BM or to Noobie night at the Ace, wanted to go last month, but work shafted me… I’m heading over the IOM for the TT so I’ll miss the next one, but the one in July I’ll be game for! :slight_smile:

you gained a boyfreind and I lost a mate I never hear from him anymore, peeling those 2 off of each other is like trying to get superglue off of your foreskin


Not sure when you stop being a newbie? I joined start of April and have been to one Newbie meet at the Ace and 2 BM meets. It can be quite daunting when you don’t know anyone, but I find just gatecrashing converstations and asking for lights (oh the curse of smoking roll ups) helps:D:P

I like the BM meet, which is a good place to mingle and have met some nice people, so I would encourage any fellow Newbies to come along and don’t feel shy about butting in and saying hello:)

In my case having to leave early to get back for the Apprentice is a problem. (Although now Raef, my total hero and the deserving winner, who stuck up for Sara when Lee was being a bastard, has been fired, I don’t know if I can be arsed to watch it anymore). Sorry that was a bit of a tangent…

So you’ve tried?:w00t::w00t::w00t::D:D:D

Come on Chunks, we’ve all been there…admit it…

I think it’s just you sad few mate!!! :w00t::PRR :smiley:

I’m quite relieved to say I’ve never had the privilege :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be popping down the the BM meet as soon as I move to London, travelling 170 odd miles to get there seems a little extreme… :laugh: Until then I’ll stick to mooching around the forum

I gotta be honest I suppose im kinda new on here but i have like weeks where i cant get on here but i do go down the Ace Alot!! Especially now i have a mate who rides a GSXR but never seem to meet people from this site.


Hey Am kinda a newbie but when i went to theAce a few ago every body was in their own little group. I came with a friend of mine. not a lot of people came up to say hi to the new face we sat outside with our drink and just watched, Imaging if i was there on my own i would got on my bike and straight hom .before we left we only got to say hi to Shewolf and i think Ginger He had a hoodie with Ginger written on it. Am shy when it come to meeting nw people that why i don’t like going to stuff this on my own. But am thinking of coming to the BMM next wednesday with afriend i hope it would be different.

Hi,we just met on the way back from Brighton last Bank Holiday.

But now I’m without bike and that’s why I’m not too often at meetings.

Til later


At the Ace it isn’t just people from LB so the regulars have no way of knowing if any newbies are around unless the make themselves known to somebody. Ginger and Ratty normally have LB hoodies on, so does Fireblade Paul so best to keep a look out for a hoody and go say hi :slight_smile:

Don’t be shy :slight_smile:

It is hard joining in a group where you don’t know people and they know each other - I also find it difficult. But most people are absolutely fine if you just walk up and butt in and interrupt their conversation to say hello, they don’t mind at all :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: You just have to be brave :):slight_smile: The BM meet is a perfect place to mill about and chat to total strangers. I may be there next week, so if you smoke you will meet me as I will try and cadge a light off you no doubt. You are also welcome to come up and say hello to me. You will know who I am because I have messy unruly hair, will be trying to smoke a roll up without it going out (and trying to discuss the Apprentice - yawn, yawn!!)

you cant miss me, i wear a yamaha jacket with 6 on the back, and usually shouting in my loud foreign language (northern ireland) :w00t:)

Thanks guy i’ll defo keep an eye out next week. Every body seems so friendly on the forum. Can’t wait to see you guys :slight_smile:

And Stevewright is a very useful person indeed to correspond with on this forum for any tips. He gave me the best tip I have ever had in my entire life on any forum. He told me about BBC I Player. :smiley: This has enabled me to watch East Enders, on days when I have been out and missed it and couldn’t watch the Sunday repeats. Ditto many other programmes and it will be especially useful once the Big Brother season starts.

If I see you next week at BM Stevewright I will introduce myself and buy you a cup of tea to say thanks.

just turn up and waffle to me DL,

i’ll intro ya to a few of the LB’s i know:)

sometimes tho you do have start the convo first.