Newbies, newbies, newbies..

and sometimes i cant be arsed talking to anyone and sit in corner by myself :w00t:

who me…oh yeah…i do…sometimes…depends on teh mood…irish bloodline ya see:D:P

I am sure Gengygirl (Joy) will talk to you too, she is very friendly and introduced me to this forum. Also Terrymoto is extremely friendly and very informative if you want to learn to do wheelies:D:D

Good luck fellah

Will keep a look out for you - if you bring your Golden Virginia tobacco and a lighter, I will be talking to you the second you arrive!

Well I don’t know why you don’t, I only see him about twice a week, as I’m at work the rest of it, don’t know what he’s doing the rest of the time! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s him being lazy, not my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

and what the hell were you doing with superglue! :w00t:

I was gonna say something rude about him being tired out but remembered your dad is here :w00t:

i’m new on the forums too…
been to a few BMM and you will find most peeps are very friendly…it helps to turn up as early as possible i think

Thank you Ratty so you gonna be there next wednesday .Am counting on you now :smiley:

ermm…well…ermm…yeah, just for you DL:D

Think we gonna get there about 6-6.30 pm once we find our way got to wait until my friend finish work because am totally usless with directions :w00t::hehe:

i be there around that time, think sneaky is gonna make an appreance!:smiley:

Where are you coming form hun?

ermm…well…ermm…yeah, just for you DL

I knew you were a darling :P:)

WhiteChapel E1 area :slight_smile:

I was thinking of coming up on my bike but I ve never riden round central london :w00t:

how can you be in Whitechapel, and not have ridden in central london?

Yea i agree it can be a bit awkward at the ace cos although there are quite a few lbers up there on friday evenings as well as newbie nights there are lots of other people too.
imo it can help to have your mugshot or photo of your bike as your avatar or even something similar to what garret has, anything that aids recognition and encourages others to introduce themselves .

Or just an idea , what if people were to wear a pin badge with their avatar
on it, discreet but noticeable, can be worn/removed as required and some industrious lber could even produce them for a small fee with any profit being donated to an lb charity . :slight_smile:

What do you think ? [ jay, any thoughts on the badge idea ? ]

do hosts & mods get stars on theirs?

ill have fries with that :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

if you are coming from there you could meet me up by angel if ya like?

Just thought I’d point that bit out :wink: Terry, what have you been up to again?

We don’t bite, just come up and introduce yourselves. And as Shewolf said, the Ace cafe is home to loads of bikers and not just LBers. Just look out for the LB hoodies or a tall ginger haired bloke nicknamed Ginger :wink:

Thats because i always ride the opposite way instead of riding toward the city there to much traffic and i am an L plate so it scares me to filter through traffic at the moment. am ok if am following some one :slight_smile:

day release you are quite welcome to follow me there, if you want to go by bike, or i can pick you up in the car as i go past the end of your street to get there.