Newbie Night @ The Ace Cafe

hey guys Im a newbie recently passed my theory and gonna jump on a direct access course with elite. Im looking forward to getting on the rd soon!!:cool: hope evryones cool

Hi guys
Some of you i have met , people like terry , ben , the lovley shewoolf , smiled and the great stacey at the christmas dinner at poppins and i must admit i had a great time especially when the sprouts made an entrance all over the place. Anyway i should be up at the ace on the 7th jan 2008 as long as the weathers not too crappy.
ride easy peeps
Rogue aka Doug
(firebladepauls bruv)

Hi folks, hope to make it on the Newbie Night Jan 7th, my Duke isn’t too keen on the cold but a splurt of Pro FST should keep her happyJimipost edited thanx to chunky!

You are most welcome but you might be a bit lonely;)Newbie night is on 7th Jan mate:)

Am finally gonna make it up for a newbie night…doing it a bit back to front, as i have been to BM once and been a member since Feb!!!..albeit not actively

Have enlisted the services of a nice gentleman to escort me…coz i always get lost, and I also hope to drag a mate along…Is it ok to bring non-members?


^ ignore above post…

Is the next newb night on 4th Feb?

yes mate from about 6ish :wink:

Will hopefully head down. Do you sit in a specific place at the ace? I’ll probably get there about 7.30ish so hope you’ll still be around.

i should be there, just depends what time i get back from Liverpool.:slight_smile:

Usually the tables near the stage, but it wont be difficult to miss us (or ginge…!)

We’ll be there, fingers crossed with work :smiley:

Allright then fellas should see you there then. Unless its snowing.

Myself and the fishface should be there, rockerchic is in budapest gettin pissed ,no doubt with various other uninhibited young ladies …:w00t:
I’m sure she would rather be at the ace [ and i would rather be with various…etc…:Wow:]

I am gona have to get my own pc,…otherwise people will start thinking i really am a 16 yr old girl :w00t: [ zeph11 ]

I used to be schizophrenic but we are OK now;):smiley:

I wanted to come but working now… :frowning:

I will make it and this time I will try and chat to a few more people. Hope to meet some of you there.


Hopefully myself and my betterhalf (and possibly my ole man) will be along tomorrow night as am up finchley way, so another 5 min drive for a cuppa wouldn’t hurt.

Hopefully see y’all there.

thought newbie night was gonna move from a monday, did I miss the update then ? or is the ginger one still farting about trying to sort it ? :slight_smile:

I think I might actually be able to make my first newbie night this time! :slight_smile: