Newbie Night @ The Ace Cafe


"Thanks to Ginger and Team Newbies hard work, is pleased to announce a change in day for the Newbie Night at The Ace Cafe.

This will now be run on the first Monday of the Month (Back to the original night)


Monday 6th July from 6:00pm.

Newbie night is an ideal oppurtunity for new members to come down and say hello but all existing members are welcome too. We have tables reserved for us from 6:00pm and and area of parking set aside - just look out for the banner and of course Ginger!

See you there

How to get there: "

Newbie Night at the Ace Cafe

We have new members joining every day & one way to bring them into the community of LB is Newbie Night.

This is held at the Ace Café on the North Circular (A406) Near Stonebridge Park Station.

We meet on the first Monday of every month, this year we even met on New Years Day!

This meeting enables the Newbies on the forum to meet other newbies & even some oldies.

All are welcome.

Don’t be shy we were all new once, see below for some photos.

So why not pop along to Newbie Night on the first Monday of every month 6pm till late the next one is on the 6th July

then as below

3rd August

7th September

5th October

2nd November

7th December

Heres a link to the Ace Café

if you wanna see what people said about the newbie meets then click here :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of us Team Newbie from Left to Right Westie, Ginger and Sincere

We may not be there together but one of us will be there to give you a warm welcome



yes dont be shy, pop along and meet us hosts! its a great fun evening!:smiley:

How do we recognise the out of everyone else down at the ACE?

will be there

Me too - blue jeans, black textile jacket, red and black lid with a sticker across the visor - and looking lost cos I don’t know anyone :rolleyes:

We will be sat down the far end near the stage - look out for Ginger - can’t be missed :wink:

Or this handsome chappie ;):Whistling:


Newbie Night 01.10.2007

A few odd looking suspects lol


Anyone heard from terry today ? I’m a bit concerned after his semi-frozen lasagne experience :blink:

I have seen him eat worse & survive :wink:

He is not a fair weather eater :w00t:


LOL :laugh::laugh::laugh: awww Mark you aren’t going to live that comment down lol

It wasn’t lasagne he had, it was puke on chips covered with cheese :Whistling:

Nice pics Ang, thx.

Was really nice to mret you, will think about that Flatouts rideout.

Great meet, great company. It was nice to see you guys.

It was very nice evening. Great to see new and old crew again.

Good to see so many there as the weather wasn’t great, was it Mark? :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all soon :wink:

was good to meet some of you.

lol whats with my face in that last picture lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’d be because you keep hiding from the camera :wink:

I`ll be there from about 6.30pm.

what day ill be there next week from 6pm

Next Monday, everyone knows it`s the 1st Monday of every month.