Newbie night @ The Ace 3/2/14

Weather is looking good for the weekend and Monday - we should be there!:smiley:

I should be there supporting the Car & Van club. :slight_smile:

50/50 then

lol yeah

depending on the weather i will try to pop down been ages since i was last at Ace.

I’ll be there about 8:30pm, but coming straight from teaching so will be in the car. Hope to see you there Alba, with Richard and Maxy.

I’ll be there… What exactly it’s happening in this kind of meets? Drinks / ride / showoff? Sorry, newbie alert… I have no idea :slight_smile:

What time does it kick off?

We just have a chat and a laugh and a drink usually, no riding until you go home :wink:

I’ll pop by straight after work, see if I can wake some of the oldies up to stop by. :smiley:

There was talk of a small cell of exceptional individuals riding to the Ace from Borough Market at around Six pm
Is anybody in?

Ill be there around Six…

Don’t fancy my chances of meeting you at BM, coming up from way down south. Heading straight to The Ace once I ditch my gear at home.

At the Ace already, feeling lonely…:blush:

Where are you sitting?

Opposite the duke box. At a table with 2 blonde girls.

jsut got home not gonna make it tonight by the time im showered and etc :frowning:

Good to see some new, old and unregistered members - rain the rest of the week so I’ll mostly be in the car!

Nice to meet people there tonight.
Sorry I didn’t get around to everyone to say hello- I’m sure I’ll meet you all properly over time.

Good to meet some more people tonight, sorry I couldn’t stay too long… I’ll plan better for next month :slight_smile:

Cheers all

We will catch up soon - I didn’t work out who you were. Sorry.

Brian & Sue