Newbie night @ The Ace 3/2/14

was talking to a few a bm that are going so who else form hear is going?

there has a been quite a few newbs over the last few weeks so lets try make this a bigish one as i have never been to one attend twice and it was empty last time haha

I missed last night so I should make the effort to come out.

I will be there work permitting

I’ll be there, hopefully on two wheels :cool:

if its not raining i’ll be there with Maxy.

I may pop by. Will be in the car though :frowning:

Bloody hell, watch your beers everyone, Maxy is coming! :laugh:

As I said my bitch seats open XD


Have you regained your licence?


it’s missus groovy’s birthday so I’m out.

yes buddy =]

i got it back a on the 23 of November i don’t know witch Muppet said it was safe for me to be on the road but im loving it again XD

Will see if I’m able to pop along for a bit!

I may come.


thought you liked getting wet :wink:

its not called wet anymore D its called Moist

you might get women Moist Ross i make them wet by the bucket loads :wink:

kinda cheating when your really throwing a bucket of water over them

i might come depends what time i finish work and if i have my new scooter by then.

Now what are the chances of that?

well if my work is unpredictable so depends if i finish at 5.30 or finish even later and depends if my bike is available to be collected saturday or not so i cant say as i cant predict future sorry not mystic meg.