Newbie Night - Monday Nov 4th

Now I’m gardening leave, I can say for sure I will be there? Going to be a glorious, sunny day tomorrow, so not sure what time I will arrive, as I’ll out for a play on the new bike, but should be by 7pm latest.

Who else plans to come along?

bikeless, so unless someone fancies me riding bitch?


you know you want to!

might say hi on the way to work

where is it?

Having a bit of TLC before the salt goes down this winter.

Hey, I will be there! I will be meeting at Krispy Kremes at 7.30 then going ace… What time will you be at ace until Curly it would be lovely to meet you finally!

Should be there til at least 9.30pm as long as I have company! :slight_smile:

perfect c ya later!!

Unfortunately I am currently in Harlow Hospital so my attendance this evening is looking in jeopardy. Had an “incident” involving a squirrel, you’ll be pleased to hear the squirrel is fine, me, not so much. Awaiting results of x-rays on chest, ankle and thumb. Bike seems to be fine thanks to R&G. Will update when I know more. Marta(cheekychick) has been an absolute superstar looking after me and attending to my every need. Hopefully she will be attending and can tell you all about it.

Oh dear :frowning:

Sorry to hear this Ally.

Hope you and the bike are back running on full cylinders soon…


Update: Ally has a broken rib and a broken ankle which will need an op. I tell ya she is pretty hard core riding a bike like that to the A&E after refusing an ambulance to be called!!

Quite literally sitting at the Ace thinking, Ally should be here by now… Hope she’s alright, I’ll check LB! Sounds like one hell of a big squirrel my dear!

Also explains why newbie night is currently loner night. I’m down by the stage if anyone’s coming down.

You poor thing Ally, hope you recover quick.

Jesus Christ. :frowning:

OMG Ally is it the same leg?:pinch:

First: FOR **** SAKE!
Second: GWS
Third: Next time if you see 1kg of meat crossing your way stop being fu… hero, it could end up with broken spine and I don’t think you would want that.
Fourth: Will see you as soon as I can.


feck me, GWS Ally, those dam squirrels.

Rixx and I had a good yarn over a cuppa in the end. Let me know where they end up housing you Ally and I’ll do my best to come say hello.

wow Ally what you like, hope your not in to much pain ,and I hope you get fixed up asap.


what the [email protected]!

which leg? same one? although i dunno why it matters or which would be worse

a squirrel?


darn them peskey vermin!

GWS hun, see you soon.