Newbie Night 02/08/2010

Seems that the Newbie Committee again cnba to push this whilst Borough seems to get the Big Adverts so its down to the members again by the looks of it

Anyway As title

Newbie Night on Monday 2nd august

People generally there from 6pm …

Hopefully tables by the stage

So who is going ?

Me i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh will probably be there :smiley:

I’ll plan to come say “hello” to everyone, still a newbie at heart :slight_smile:

C’mon you newbies!!!

I have a cunning plan … and it doesn’t involve turnips … stay tuned … :wink:

i will come to Monday Newbie night!

As I have ne’er been to Monday Newbie night!

I’ll be there at newbie night. Wonder what Zander’s cunning plan is?

Oh, I’ve just been spamming all the newbie threads. Now they’ve got no excuse not to turn up! :smiley:

Should be a busy one :wink:

I will try,

I Reckon me n the Mrs will be there :smiley: How shall we know everyone? Red carnation eerrrrr secret wave ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?

yup i am trying to make this one, never been to the ace :slight_smile:

Look out for the all Richa gear (see avatar)

Steve, I would suggest looking over by the stage first as per Tim’s post but as for a secret wave… apparently you have to watch Team America to find it out!!! :D:D:D

No probs with newbie nights Tim;) at the mo i dont think it needs pushing, newbie nights are pretty busy of late.:smiley:

Is it not at Borough Market??Can’t make this one on the 2nd, sorry. I’ll try another month.:smiley:

I’ve been meaning to go to one of these but I always seem to be away/busy at the start of the month. Think I’ll also be away start of September also. Maybe next summer :ermm:

THis is the ace, yes?? (just checking!)

seeing as i have only just joined this site and am a newbie will hope to come down.

hmm considering the amount of "where is this " posts surely something is amiss …

Perhaps changing the Thread title instead of Calling All Newbies change it to Newbie Nights ?

Perhaps a flashing Banner /Advert down the side of the Page

Newbie Nights are busy but it is a lot of “Oldies” ( not as in age ) who turn up to meet Newbies but each month its left to its own …

Whilst weekly Borough Market well that gets its own Self explanatory Title and Is Pushed actively by the Webteam via adverts and banners …

Wonders what would happen if Actual Members Like myself and IIRC Stacey who posted last months reminder did not bother …

Why should newbies have to trawl through a well hidden thread to find out what ist all about

Surely if LB had it more visible a lot of non posting/viewing newbies saw t Monday 2nd August Newbie night at the ace… come say hi … in a non forum post but in a seperate “advert” this may have a better response

But if you think that newbie nights do well by themselves well then i shall refrain from placing any reminder or any reference to this event …

and just more to prove the above go to no mention … look on the calendar …lots of bm’s … but no mention of newbie night …

Calendar now has the first monday of every month up to December marked as Newbie Night :wink:

I’m in!!