Newbie Meet @ The Ace


"Thanks to Ginger and Team Newbies hard work, is pleased to announce a change in day for the Newbie Night at The Ace Cafe.

This will now be run on the first Monday of the Month (Back to the original night)


Monday 6th July from 6:00pm.

Newbie night is an ideal oppurtunity for new members to come down and say hello but all existing members are welcome too. We have tables reserved for us from 6:00pm and and area of parking set aside - just look out for the banner and of course Ginger!

See you there

How to get there: "

Newbie Night at the Ace Cafe

We have new members joining every day & one way to bring them into the community of LB is Newbie Night.

This is held at the Ace Café on the North Circular (A406) Near Stonebridge Park Station.

We meet on the first Monday of every month, this year we even met on New Years Day!

This meeting enables the Newbies on the forum to meet other newbies & even some oldies.

All are welcome.

Don’t be shy we were all new once, see below for some photos.

So why not pop along to Newbie Night on the first Monday of every month 6pm till late the next one is on the 6th July

then as below 3rd August

7th September

5th October

2nd November

7th December

Heres a link to the Ace Café

if you wanna see what people said about the newbie meets then click here:slight_smile:

Here is a pic of us Team Newbie from Left to Right Westie, Ginger and Sincere

We may not be there together but one of us will be there to give you a warm welcome



Great work Ginger! We’ll publicise this more as well, i.e. in the welcome emails we send out to newbies (it’s been on the cards for a while, but I’ve not had a chance yet). I wonder if the 1st of January is a little optimistic?

well that is the first monday of the month lol

New Years Day will be good, though they dont tend to open all night if i remember rightly from last year…

thanks triskie ill look into that tonight while im down there and will post when i know so keep watch in this post

cheers ginger

Hope to see you all on the 4th then, maybe not on the bike as Yamaha say’s I should not ride it


I’ll be there! Hurahhh my first newbie meet :slight_smile: Can’t wait… and it’s an excuse to get out of the house… perhaps if a few people are going to be off we could turn it into a newbie ride out? What do you recon Ginge?


Obviously you dont have to be a Newbie so come on down, even if you’re a lightweight like me in the car

Nice post Ginger

whats up with the beast Ian ??

Ok, here’s one piece of stick-fodder that’ll be reportin’ for pokin’…

Sharpen up that old, gnarled, knotted stick and prepare to wield it with consummate force and accuracy…

salee, there is a safty recall on them, had it done about 3 years ago, now they have found the kit they used was not the right one. So it’s got to go back and have the new kit fitted,

There is a problem with a circlip in the gear box, it breaks and locks up the gear box, aand the rear tyre, in 4th or 5th gear, not a good idea at over 50 MPH


Who now has the newbie stick AbbeyJ was last seen handling it and dishing out poking’s!

Should be down for this one, see ya there

I go to the Ace often as i can, im only a few miles away so if anyone is going just say and ill be there.

Must be Da Artist… He seems to always keep it handy for quick draw…

Will do my best to make it…

Weaver has left LB so its only myself & AbbeyJ left to do the newbie pokin as I have just got my bike back Id Rather Be Ridin at the moment so im finding it harder to poke you new guys these days, AJ is kinda busy and where one muskater short so it looks like its time for a new recuit methinks.

Anyone seen ChoccieMuffin its time she came over to the dark side

Always pokin
Da Artist

Yeah, I might make it down for this one to meet a few of you lovely folks.

Did you guys know that the 1st Monday of every month is scooter night at the Ace, so the 4th Dec will be full of chavs up there. I go to all the meets as it`s good fun watching the kids wheelie and then wait for one to come off.

The scooter kiddies were leering at my bike last month - think they were wondering if it was learner legal - til I started it up! It’s small but not that small!!!

Will try to get there this month, but might be bikeless (by choice) and may have to work late…

How would the newbies know who`s from this forum, as there is so many people there for all sorts of things.

You will know me as i ride the only Nexus that goes there.