Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet






Hi Love Octagon, sorry Bob, Steve.


Ok Dave :nerd_face::joy:




My beloved and I bouncng back after about 8 years away. The new look LB has me totally lost… lol…



Hello, another newbie here. Based near Bromley and commuting into the City and occasionally Canary Wharf. Looking forward to gaining experience, learning from the forum and hopefully joining in some rides or meet-ups as and when family commitments permit


Welcome and nice bike :+1:


Is it just me or is there more than a passing similarity with Aceman?

Benjo do you hang around with small children four times a week?


Oi Eezie - No!


Sorry. 5 times a week


Cheers for the warm welcome everyone. Except maybe Eezie (I’m still trying to figure that one out!). If it helps I have 2 young kids, but something tells me that’s not quite what he was getting at…

Either way, glad to be here and hopefully meet you guys at borough market at some point.



Only two young kids. Don’t worry you’re not in Acenans league. I bet you don’t hit them either.

Welcome to LB Bemjo. Come to the Christmas dinner on December 6th.


December 6th you say? I might well be tempted for that. I saw the other thread about it. I have a few Christmas do’s around that time so I’ll drop a few hints with the missus and see what I can get away with.

Is it a boozy one or do you all roll up on your bikes and ride home safely afterwards? I’m new to all this…


It’s your choice. Most leave their bikes at home :wink: but some bring them. There’s parking on site.

I would guess there was about 20/25 of us there last year


I don’t hit children. I get children to hit children.