Hi All Debbie again

Thought i would keep you all upto date on Ross

The doctors have changed his tablets so he is not so spaced out, he was so bad on friday night, he unscrewed his traction and got out of bed to have a fag he did not know what he was doing, so they had to put a 24 hour nurse guard on him.

they changed his tablets on sunday thanks god!! and is back to normal!! well… as normal as Ross can be

Tomorrow he is off to London for the day to see what they can do with his leg and try and get him off traction.

He will be back in the evening, so visiting is fine fRom 6 to 8 if anyone if free for 10 minutes, just pop up and see him.

Take Care

Debbie xx

Hello Debbie Again, I am “scheduled” to visit him tomorrow after six pm to bring him this dvd he asked me for last week when I spoke to him on the phone ( a bike crashes dvd, of all things ) which I eventually found at the bike show last weekend, so hopefully I will spend a couple of hours with him until the end of visiting time.


ok i might see you there, i am going as well try and get through traffis

had a call from Ross, he would like a jar of chocolate spread called Nattela ?? i’ve never heard of it, but if anyone can help, take him some up, if you go

thanks Debbie xx

ps might join up with u guys, i mean have my own name!!! i seem to be on here loads

How can you not know what Nutella is?! Heathen! you should try some

If ya cant find Nutella… peanut butter is just as good, just squeeze bit of chocolate in it

That’s just plain ol’ wrong

It is…

After reading this I had to go to Tescos to get some nutella. Only thing is I stuffed it all and now I feel sick

If I found some in Tilbury i’ll get him a jar.

Capt Moto… tilbury, that is just down the road from me.

You weren’t at Channels Golf club by any chance were you last night?

>>> scrap that, know you weren’t just looked at your profile.

No mate I was at home resting after a double shift at work.

for the record I only work in Tilbury, I dread the place, best thing in Tilbury in my views is the way back to London.

Hi Debbie here,

Visited Ross and he is good, and alot better, while there, i met Fran and Boo( i think her name was ) me

There is some good news on Ross, the doctors at the London hospital are going to fit a cage around his leg next week, and if things go well they could be sending him home so lets hope things go well.

it might be worth giving the ward a call before you visit, just to make sure he is still there and not in london.


good to hear nice one ross see ya soon

for the record I only work in Tilbury, I dread the place, best thing in Tilbury in my views is the way back to London

I agree lol it’s a dump wouldnt go back there if you paid me! considering i’m living in east london now can’t believe how Quiet it is here!

Have to get round to meeting Ross poor love,Hope your on the mend luvvie

ooh ya cant beat a bit of pineapple love! ha ha x

Boo = Justine

Otherwise known as among other things “Firestorm-in-a-Teacup”

Is Ross staying in Dratford over the weekend? If so I’ll try and get up again

Yes he will still be there tomorrow and Sun, it will be mid week next week when he goes to King’s College

Hi again

Had a call from Ross, the plan is… he is off to kings collage hosptial on MONDAY morning, we are not sure how long for, could be between 1 and 2 weeks, then if all goes well he will be home, dont know what ward he will be on but as soon as i know i will let you all know.

so if anyone was planning to visit him this weekend in darent valley he will still be there.

Take care

Debbie xxx