New Tyre Already...

So I’ve already done 1470 miles in my first two weeks on the bike, its now up to 6670 miles and my friend pointed out my tyre in rather bad shape.

I guess I need to get to Essential Rubber ASAP tomorrow. I couldnt see there opening hours on their website thiugh, anyone able to tell me?

Also, what are the best tyres for me to get?

Thanks all.

i think ER are open from 8AM (could be 8.30…) I suggest Dunlop SportSmarts.

You know I noticed that when we went our seperate way … You had been tailgunner so that was the first look at the rear as it were . I couldnt figure out what it was I thought it was a trick of the light as you were over there and I was getting a bit of sun sparkle .Then woosh you were orf :smiley:

I use diablos on the SD . Well enough behaved rain or shine .

Thanks. Hmm, I start at 8am. Do you happen to know what time they close?

Sportsmarts are good for sunday blast, sporty ride etc etc , really good tyres, but if you want to do an extra more miles wile sacrifying just a little on the sporty side you can consider roadsmart 2 too :wink:

There’s life in that!


If your going to ride to the tyre place . Get a marker pen and colour it in … bit less obvious then :smiley:

I saw that white line as you shot off, and I thought it was a style thing - like whitewall tyres! :slight_smile:

Ahh good idea :slight_smile:

Maybe I could start a trend? Or maybe that could be my excuse if pulled over!

It could catch on :hehe:

Fookin 'ell. How did your not notice that lol.

Bloody hell mate! how long has your tyre been like that?

It must have only been yesterday, I did see quite a bit of the back tyre during the Brugge trip, wasn’t there then. In fact, I’d be fairly sure it wasn’t there when I washed it yesterday morning too.

seems silly but double check that its not paint/chalk or some ****.

It is silly…that’s canvas.

ER have a Continental Motion available now, is it any good?

No idea. I called them not long ago and ordered a Dunlop Roadsmart he said it will be here the latest Wednesday.

I would really really expect you to have noticed you’d reached the markers in the tread long before you get to any canvas! :crazy:

In fact looking at the photo in the oprig post, you can see the marker nicely rubbed down in the upper left of your pic!

Metropolis Barnet can get me a Road Smart 2 For much the same as ER, so I guess I’ll do that :slight_smile: Then I’ll look up about markings I need to check!