New Triumph street triple

i have just ordered myself a brand spanking new street triple 08 model in fusion white for delivery in March next year!:w00t: ive never had a new bike before. The delivery time is 5-6 months as they have been so busy with the sales on these.cant wait!!



Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny! Congrats, chuck!

You whore… moving from bike to bike more often than you change your underpants!!!

nice though…and a good colour…


You do know bikes can be serviced every 3000 miles dont you? They dont need replacing :smiley:

Nice bike though, I am sure you will love it!

so what’s your new nickname gonna be?

oh yes i am aware, hehe im already up to my major service on the tiger! thats 6000 miles since july…

yes cant wait, and elad as you know i always have clean undercrackers…:wink:

Oh I say how luvverly :smiley:

Yes what will your new name be? Maybe best to be just ‘Westie’ - that way you don’t have to change it every few weeks :P:Whistling:

xxx x

well i was thinking of west triple:w00t:

Rhymes with ‘nipple’ & I know you like those :wink:

Sweeeeet! I’ve been told that they’re being sold faster than Triumph can make them.

Good colour for the Triple too Westie, I think they look great in white. Looking forward to seeing that beastie down at BM!

Nice choice Westie :slight_smile:

thanks love…:slight_smile:

ooooh, that’s wicked Westie!!! They’re lovely bikes, can’t wait to see it (and have a go, lol) :smiley:

thanks hun, im like well excited!!! :w00t:

Good choice!

No complaints from mine. Gotta add the arrow too - sounds fantastic once run in!
But dont tell them you’ll do it in a week like i did (numb bum syndrome!)

Waiting list is even longer now! Street triple one owner for sale anyone! lol

yes, i hear it is hot at the mo on sales of these… ive got another testride booked on tuesday!!:w00t:

Nice one Westie :slight_smile: They sound fab with a good exhaust on them.

Congrats honey! you won’t regret it I’m sure, once you get a taste of that sweet triple engine there’s no going back :w00t:

Nice choice Westie:)

That should bring out the hooligan in you;)

ooh thanks guys, and im love the white, meeeoiw!!! x