New near miss compilation

TBH I would not normally comment on the prowess of someone’s riding but you recently (April 2011) wrote this:-

So I am making the assumption that you are very new to motorcycling.

From your riding in the video you have an extremely aggressive riding style - one that also lacks road sense - one that is getting you into all sorts of potentially dangerous/life threatening situations.

You are making some pretty fundamental errors and lacking “road sense” - take for instance the opening sequence were you are rushing down the centre line of slow moving traffic - it would be obvious to anyone who has ridden for some time that when there is a long line of slow moving traffic that is getting strung out - lane swapping by cage drivers without looking is what happens next - your going too fast to react to that.

I would implore you to consider how you are riding as I can see you coming to grief very soon.

Surviving the daily commute in London involves riding defensively at all times - even then bad luck can “bite you on the bum”.

Good luck.


I’ve got to agree. There were situations where you can see what is coming and whilst the other person might be being a d1ck, you needed to ride accordingly and avoid a situation.

Get past them and give them the w4nker afterwards…but if you can see someone emerging from a side road…slow the fook down…don’t carry on as if nothing is going to happen…


I concur with Ninjabob on this one.

Why is the copper doing the ‘slit throat’ gesture?

The footage on the Countour GPS looks good

I love a bandwagon :Whistling:

Nick you should never ride again you make me sick :wink:


I think you should have a look at … before its to late.

Nicely deduced.

That is just normal filtering at around 10mph…nothing dangerous there as I see it. I am alert and looking for potential problems, but I don’t see that part of this video as being dangerous riding. Every single motorcycle I see on my commute (without exception), every day, rain or shine, does it. Maybe every motorcyclist I see is in the wrong though? Maybe all of our days are numbered? At least you can say ‘I told you so’ if that day comes for me eh?

Thanks for your concern :slight_smile:

lol, I was expecting the sanctimony baz tbh…maybe I’ll make a video of all those hundreds of situations that were avoided - it would be pretty boring though.

I do get up in peoples faces when they put me in danger - if I die doing that then it’s my fault, but I am not putting anyone else’s life in danger - however this video is full of people who are putting my life in danger.

lol, already done it thanks.

I think he’s trying to tell me to be careful…which I always am down that road having been hit by a car already down there…my bike is loud so maybe he thought I was going faster than I was.

Thanks, I wouldn’t recommend this camera though. The mic is awful and my focus has gone soft lately.

that scooter rider that got hit by the car then bounced off the bus didnt see it coming did he?

Fair enough, my mistake. I would probably have done the same :wink:

People tout Bikesafe as some kind of magic cure to bad road sense/ craft, but I didn’t find it particularly helpful. My bad riding habits were pointed out, which I already knew, rather than how best to go about fixing the problems that caused them.

And I agree about the video of ‘non-incidents’ wouldn’t be as fun or ‘YT-worthy’ :wink:

Ride safe®!

@ mel: no he didn’t see it coming…i don’t filter on this section of road any more as a direct result of this clip.

see…I’m learning :wink:

Slightly off topic, does it have a connection for an external mic?

Thanks mate, I admit I felt bad about shouting at that woman, but I was still shaken up from the van incident before - normally I wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow tbh.

Bikesafe was enjoyable and a nice ride out into the country, but it only really taught me how to position myself for corners on empty country lanes pretty much…and I saw more aggressive riding on that day from one of the Police riders than you see in the video above.

Perhaps Bikesafe should take place in South East London rush hour traffic to make it more useful?

No, it doesn’t mate. Contour have some newer models out now so maybe they do, I’m not sure. The GoPro is probably a better all rounder but it’s a bit bulky which is why I didn’t get that in the first place.

seriously that last clip will come back to haumt you one day in my opinion if you keep riding like that

you have enough time to react after the hazard fist shaking head shaking but you fail to react prior to the hazards …

having a go at the crossing pedestrian who at their time of crossing the road was clear

You accelerate into situations to bo be the martyr

your forward planning is ****

is there not a ruling about give way to buses so why hurl abuse at driver

you fail to remember that you are meant to go on green not amber … and other vehicles whose priority was before you have right of way , Give way to the right even on traffic light controlled junctions /roundabouts

So big so clever … watch that last clip and think one day you may be thinking … if only had looked ahead and braked instead of accelerating and sounded my horn to show how i am a far superior road user … i have a bike licence …

Yeah, the gopro looks like it’ll totally f**k the aerodynamics