New near miss compilation

I bought my camera to help in case I had a 50/50 insurance claim, but having the thing on all the time you’re bound to pick up the odd incident, so I thought I’d stick all my recent ones together and put it on youtube.

Enjoy! :smiley:

(oh yeah, contains some clips of me swearing at people so if that kind of thing offends you please don’t watch)

Nice vid. Admittedly you could of avoided some of those situations with a touch of the brakes but then I wouldn’t have anything to watch if you did that :cool:

This might not make me popular, but I’ll say it anyway, hate me if you must :slight_smile:

…Wow, you get upset really easily. Getting angry and impatient on the roads can be dangerous. I’m all for spirited riding, but in some of those situations a little bit of patience and a little bit of braking and anticipation might have reduced them from “incidents” to normal every-day situations that you avoided.

Just my 0.02p :slight_smile:


Knobber :smiley:

What was that copper doing in the clip right near the end?

I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this kind of abismal road ‘use’ any more! I was getting angry just watching that vid!

But mate, some of that was because you ride like you own the road and could have been avoided (despite the stupidity of the drivers).

  • offsiding a traffic island and having a go at the old women trying to walk to it - hmmm…:doze: bad form IMO.

Fair point, we’re all different though and we all react differently to situations. My reactions are based on the fact that I know how dangerous the roads are so if someone else puts my life or their life in danger then it makes me angry and I react. To be honest I’m a big softie compared to a lot of people I know, I shout for a couple of seconds then it’s forgotten about.


He was doing a ‘cut-throat’ gesture at me

Your riding is horrendous.

You put yourself into so many dangerous positions i’m surprised your still with us.

Granted some of the driving you encounter is diaboloical but you should be aware of that now.

then he’d have to change his name to ‘the braker’!

…and yes, most of them could have been avoided with a modicum of planning and/or calming down. I wouldn’t normally suggest someone smoke weed before riding, but maybe in this case…

It’s a one way road (both lanes) so I wasn’t offsiding anything, and the only reason I came round it like that was because I had to take evasive action due to the van driver who nearly drove into me seconds before. I was just surprised to see those people in the road because there were cars coming behind me also.

Have to agree somewhat with that… ok a vid is never a judge of speed or space but a few of those seemed to be because you seem to ride quite aggressively. I would recommend chilling out a bit and just easing off sooner… Think of it this way, if a car crashes into you, right or wrong you’ll be the one in hospital when all they have to deal with is a dent.

A few of those were quite hairy to watch with some very w*nk cage driving…

On that note… green laneing? No knob cagers there (usually!) :slight_smile:

I’m not after advice but thanks for the offers. I ride how I ride, and I react how I react, I make mistakes and I learn from them. I’m not defending it, I’m certainly not as aggressive a rider as some of the clips might suggest. For all of these incidents there are probably hundreds more that were avoided with forward planning, but that wouldn’t make for very interesting viewing! :wink:

that music is so damn repetitive!

Just remember, even though you may well be in the right and
they are definitely in the wrong, as far as the rules of the road
are concerned, you will come off worst when you collide and no
point giving them a ****** sign when you’re on your arse with
a broken leg.

Thanks for posting, like you said, it is a bit of a rogues gallery of a long time in the saddle I guess. We have 100’s of potential incidents every day when we ride, some we deal with effectively, some we don’t.

What is a theme though is that lots of people think they own the road, the lady in the silver car that blatantly pulled out in front of you did not think she had done anything wrong and was remonstrating against you…and the number of people that pull out on roundabouts…wow…

Yes Mike, this is something I always try and remember - I’ve been hit by a car before so I know how much it hurts :slight_smile:

Thanks Ian, that lady not only pulled out in front of me, she then drove into me when I stopped (you can’t really see it in the clip), and then told me to f*ck off! lol

I think that one was the one I was going ‘oh ****’ at the most